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    Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

    Dems have about 6 months for people to start feeling better about the economy as a whole. People will have to start hearing a friend, a family member, a neighbor who is currently unemployed to get back on the payroll.

    Otherwise, it only becomes a question of HOW BIG of a GOP night we will see in Nov. 2010.

    In the next 3 months or sooner, this will be or already is about to be OBAMA's ECONOMY in the eyes of millions of independents, moderate reps, and even dems. Fair or unfair, that's the reality.

    Did you see Tim Geithner today being grilled ? The pressure is on bigtime for Dems & the WH.

    Blue NJ & Purple VA was just a preview of what can happen next year.

    P.S. If Giuliani enters NY against Gilibrand, she would be a heavy underdog. Even a poll released today showed Rudy would beat her big by 15 points.
    About 25% of democrats would support him.

    PA & NJ would also be vulnerable in 2010. These are blue states. Can you imagine what could possible occur in purple, red & other light blue states across the country next year ?

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    Stop falling for the media!

    Every single day, the saga on Hillary as SOS has been different. The news out of MSNBC has conflicted with CNN's. The Huffington posts scoop has been different from Politico.

    Even NY Times keeps on changing its rumor mill.

    At the end of the day, only a very tiny, few select people really know what is going on.

    That includes Barack, Hillary, Bill, Michelle, Rham.

    Everyone keeps on speculating based on unsubstantiated facts.

    Some here have already attacked & judge  Hillary based on daily rumors.

    Just STOP & WAIT for the announcement

  • Again, Obama or Clinton would have been attacked by the GOP.

    At the end of the day, the ECONOMIC COLLAPSE would have given any Democrat the win.

    If Clinton was the candidate, her numbers, just like Obama's would have SURGED after Sept 15.

    I believe in destiny. I'm not completely ruling out Clinton's future but ALL the events to fall in place showed that this was for OBAMA.

    He earned it the hardway & destiny was waiting for him.

    To have the GREATEST ECONOMIC COLLAPSE in 80 years, the GREATEST ECONOMIC DISASTER since the Great Depression - 45 days before election day is destiny! This won't repeat itself anytime soon. Maybe not even in our lifetime.

    Either way, it would have been a historic victory for Obama or Clinton.

    Now lets move on. This does not help the unity of our party.

  • This is an Unhealthy thread because some here have a tendency to get carried away.  

    The elections are over. CBS came out with its findings & some made an observation. But a few got carried away.

    With that said, lets all move on.

    Bottom line, the overwhelming majority of democrats, republicans & independents would agree 100% that this was a DEMOCRATIC YEAR. The historic Economic Collapse on Sept. 15 was the nail in the coffin.

    Whether it was Obama, Hillary Clinton, Biden, Dodd, Bayh, Edwards(without the sexscandal), would have WON THIS 2008!!!

    The Economic fear & anxiety overtook any "racial issue" a segment of white voters especially in places like Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, PA, Florida, & Michigan.

    If you have any doubts whatsoever, just look at all the polls pre-Sept 15 & after Sept 15.

    So the few who keep saying that Clinton would not have won should look at the polls, listen to ALL the experts, Dem & Rep. THIS WAS OUR YEAR!!! No GOP would have won in this environment.

    As Chuck Todd of MSNBC stated, No one specific group put Obama over the top. No one group can take credit for it

    Now Can we all move on !!!!

    For some here attacking HRC, just say thank you to her for being the best soldier one can ask. She worked her butt off for Obama. No bitterness from her, nothing!!! Stop attacking her. She worked 10 times harder than you, so stop attacking her. Move on!

  • I would go with Obama's closest advisor in prominent African-American Atty. Valerie Jarret.

    News reports last week mentioned that she is Obama's preference to replace his seat.

    She is a progressive,sharp, outstanding background in both the public & private sector, connects with people, outstanding personality & enjoys the full trust & confidence of President Elect Obama.

    She would have no problem winning Illinois & would easily attract mainstream white voters.

    Jesse Jackson Jr .would have problems in a statewide race particularly with white voters.

    He releases his own poll showing us his numbers. Com'on, We just came off Massive Democratic Landslide & a HUGE Obama win ( a son of Illinois), combined with a very unpopular Republican Bush. Plus, his numbers were not anything spectacular. Its name recognition.

    When the dem numbes start going down to normal levels, this seat could very easily be a battleground.

    It would also be awesome to have an African-American woman in the Senate.

    And yes, Jesse Jackson Jr. is No Barack Obama.

  • Because if the situation were reversed & a prominent white democrat called a Jesse Jackson a racist publicly- that white democrat would NEVER be considered for appointment.

    The white democratic Governor deciding the appointment would be so scared of a backlash from black voters.

    Always put yourself on the either side. Remember that.

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    I agree with you 100%

    All I will say it majority of americans who are Non-Partisan, mainstream voters will NOT be overly impressed with Kerry as Secretary of State.

    Obama wants a mix of " New breed of outstanding leaders" that represent his generation. Combined with a few outstanding key people of the prosperous Bill Clinton era.

    When most people hears John Kerry, one does not get the same aura of a Colin Powell.

    Many still associate Kerry to his weak, losing run in 04.

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    Instead of relaxing, celebrating & being happy, we all end up arguing over something so irrelevant & silly.

    Lets leave the Bill Clinton vs. Obama saga to the historians 50 years from now.

    This diary really serves no purpose. Instead of talking about who is better Bill or Barack- can we all just move on. Its total nonesnens.

  • I agree.

    Florida is a vital state. And yes, I have a feeling either Mel Martinez or Crist may run for Prez in 2012 if they do well in 2010

  • I agree with you 100% weblyn.

    I believe most political analyst & 95% of political historians would also agree with you.

    We had a phenomenal candidate in Obama. Probably the best ever.

    But in the environment we are in, any credible, outstanding dem nominee would have been a very heavy favorite to win.

    And the same holds true for the GOP. Whether it was Romney, Giuliani or Huckabee who was the nominee, it would have been extremely difficult for any Republican to win in this scenario.

    Chuck Todd also made a good point. If not for the racial issue of white voters, AR,WV,TN could have easily gone blue.

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    President Obama was an excellent candidate.

    With that said, lets also be realistic about Florida. Florida was one of the Top 5 states to get hit hard economically. ( just like Ohio)

    With the economy in very poor shape, that really allowed Obama to attract republican leaning voters in these red areas of Florida. Just like many red counties in Indiana, North Carolina, & Ohio- the economy really pushed a lot of normally reliable GOP voters to switch sides.

    Thus, we can do all the "GOTV" in Florida in 2010.
    But the ultimate decider on how we do in 2010 will depend on how Obama performs as President for the next two years.

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    this is a poor diary.

    RandyMI, how old are you ?

    I'm a business owner & lifelong democrat from Ohio.

    To compare 1992 & 2008 is like comparing Jesse Jackson's 1st presidential run to Barack Obama's 2008 run.

    Do you understand or were you old enough to remember the democratic party we had in the 80's & early 90's compared to 2008 ?

    In case your memory fails you. We were a party that had lost tens of millions of white voters. We were a party that were dominated by various interest groups. We were identified as the party coalition of blacks, unions, gays, civil rights, women's rights, etc.

    we lost millions of white mainstream voters & millions of reagan democrats across the country.

    Bill Clinton was able to gain enough Trust among white voters to give him a shot. He won enough white voters to put him over the top.

    In 1992 & 1996, millions of reagan democrats came home for the first time. The proceeding 8 years of prosperity under Clinton left good memories for everyone including these white voters.

    The fear of the word " Liberal Tax & Spend " that killed Dukakis & Mondale were eliminated during the Clinton years. It was a time of prosperity.

    Millions of whites today have a point of reference to go back to on how Democrats run the economy. Thanks to 8 years of Clinton.

    Clinton had nobody. He had to rebuild the image of the " New Democrat" just to pull off a win.

    Apples & Oranges here. This is an unproductive diary.  

  • What is really SAD & DISTURBING about this whole saga is it comes in the heels of Colin Powells admonition of his own party.

    Your well respected Senior party official, a statesman who served your current & past President admonishes you on National TV about bigoted Anti-Muslim & Terrorist Attacks on Obama.

    Your Senior party statesman scolds you on the ROBOCALLS.

    How does your f'king party respond within 24 hours?

    You decide to take it to the Next Level by going all out RACIAL & sow Fear into the homes of millions of white americans in the hope of winning an election.

    I hate to admit this but the only way to deal with the people who control the GOP is to "Play the same game they play".

    After destroying heroes Max Cleland, John Kerry, & 10 years of lynching Bill & Hillary Clinton- there has to come a point when you got to respond Nuclear.

    Unbelievable group of people.

  • I agree with both of you.

    There will be 100% without a doubt be a Bradley effect in many if not most of the 50 states across america. Its only a question of by how much percentage.

    Although it will definitely be present in multiple if not majority of states, there are several states to watch out for on election night.

    The states to watch for most are the so called
    " RACIAL POLITICAL STATES". Many of these so called Racial Political states also happen to be battleground states.

    On election night, watch for states led by Michigan, PA, VA,OH,CO,MO,IN, WV,NJ,MA,NV, NC, FL.

    Obviously this phenomenon will scattered across the country including the South.

    But the key are the battleground states such as Ohio, PA, Michigan, VA, IN, NC, NV.

    Ask any White Dem veteran political analyst in Ohio & Michigan, and they will tell you point blank that its only a question of by how much.

    That's why they key for Obama is having a healthy lead as we get closer.

    I think if Obama is ahead by at least 5% in any of these battlground states & he should hopefully be good for victory.

    But a tied race especially in "racial Politics states" like Ohio, Michigan & PA by election night would be worrisome.

    Hopefully, Obama can maintain & expand his leads in some of these states.

  • As a Ohioan & strong Hillary supporter in the primary & now going all out for Sen. Obama- I really believe that Obama can deliver Ohio.

    If he & Hillary come back here several more times & work the base of undecided white democratic voters-Obama can realistically win Ohio.

    With the daily news of economic turmoil & people in economic distress, many reluctant white working class voters are just about ready for the taking.

    If Obama can pry even just  another 3%-5% of current undecided white democrats to his side, we will win Ohio & the Presidency. And with the 24/7 concern about jobs & the economy, even 5% or higher is very possible.


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