Health insurance stocks rally 1.9% on prospect of Brown victory

Scott Brown, helping maintain the status quo and enriching the health insurance industry.

An index of health-care companies in the S&P 500 led the advance with a 1.9 percent rally. U.S. Democrats face the possibility of losing a Senate seat held by the late Edward Kennedy as voters in Massachusetts go to the polls. A loss could cost them a 60-vote supermajority needed to help pass a health- care overhaul.

Brown responds to Coakley ad

Brown doesn't respond to any of the points made in the Coakley ad and instead plays the role of the High Road guy.

The ad ironically talks Coakley not talking about healthcare and jobs: two things that Brown doesn't have any solutions for.  In fact, the only real argument Brown makes in either case is that Coakley is going to go spend, spend, spend with democrats in Washington.

The one thing that I find interesting about both campaigns is the lack of party association in any of their ads.  I can only assume this is clearly a fight for the independent vote.

Minor Caching Hiccup

I rolled out a new caching implementation for front page stories about pages 15 minutes ago that caused a bunch of errors for a good 60 seconds.  Anyway everything is fine, the cache just needed to be cleared out exactly at deploy time and for some reason that didn't happen.

You can now rec and flag posts from the front page if you are logged in.  (Before you had to go to the post permalink page in order to do these things because of the caching approach)

Did the underwear bomber politically validate Obama's decision on Afghanistan?

Let me first establish that I am against the decision to esclate the war in Afghanistan.

From a political standpoint it seems that the Christmas day terror event will likely erase much of the skepticism of Obama's choice to send an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan.  My bet is that the underwear bomber will be used by the administration as a silencer of sorts when the topic of Afghanistan is brought up.  The cause to end the war there has been dealt a heavy blow politically.  I can't imagine many or any 2010 candidates campaigning against our ongoing failures in the middle east.  They know the words underwear and bomber will be right around the corner.

The topic of conversation has shifted to Yemen and hawkish pundits are giddy with the prospects of a newborn war.  The fact that bombing Yemen seems like a plausible idea to some if anyone at all brings back too many bad memories.  It is amazing how much terror can disrupt everything into a frenzy; it takes us years to calm down.

MyDD 2010 Launch Thread

Let this be an open thread for issues relating to the launch of the new  No software is perfect and some of you will run into issues with the new platform.  The best way to resolve all of this and get things right is to let us know in this thread or by direct contact.

The site is now running on a piece of software we created from the ground up called netroots2.  More on that and a more in-depth nerdy post on whats going on here in the new year...


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