Did the underwear bomber politically validate Obama's decision on Afghanistan?

Let me first establish that I am against the decision to esclate the war in Afghanistan.

From a political standpoint it seems that the Christmas day terror event will likely erase much of the skepticism of Obama's choice to send an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan.  My bet is that the underwear bomber will be used by the administration as a silencer of sorts when the topic of Afghanistan is brought up.  The cause to end the war there has been dealt a heavy blow politically.  I can't imagine many or any 2010 candidates campaigning against our ongoing failures in the middle east.  They know the words underwear and bomber will be right around the corner.

The topic of conversation has shifted to Yemen and hawkish pundits are giddy with the prospects of a newborn war.  The fact that bombing Yemen seems like a plausible idea to some if anyone at all brings back too many bad memories.  It is amazing how much terror can disrupt everything into a frenzy; it takes us years to calm down.

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