• It doesn't take emotional involvement to tell someone to shut the fuck up.

  • yeah-huh was so

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  • You've pulled these numbers out of absolutely nowhere. It's time to stop. There is no support whatsoever for the notion that a McCain presidency would be anything but an extension of Bush era healthcare policy. None.

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    My favorite part of this ridiculous recalculation is that it completely blows Clinton's popular vote argument out of the water. If you really want to go there, Obama would likely be leading by over a million votes, MI and FL straw polls included.

  • He has a video blog, too.

    For anyone interested in the strange psyche of the arch-troll, I heartily recommend that link. It's too easy to forget that there are real people -- with real, serious problems -- behind every troll. It's a rare thing to be actually able to get a glimpse behind the curtain.

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    How does it feel to use the frakking Holocaust to score cheap points against a political opponent? Does it make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Make you love your country more? Is this what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

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  • So arrogantly preoccupied with himself that he can't pick a pro-life running mate? Strickland is far from perfect, you know.

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    Fair enough, as far as temperament is concerned. But I would think KO would be smart and savvy enough not to bring his role as 'progressive media firebrand' to the job of 'senior campaign manager.'

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    Hillary is the strongest person in the history of America , taking all this shit and still standing rock solid , That comment was appropriate but Hillary cannot be spared for anything , she apologized ,end of this chapter.
    HILL 08
    die for hillary | 05.23.2008 - 5:41 pm | #

    I love Taylor Marsh commenters. And linfar - I lub you, too.

  • You'll be waiting for some time, because there is absolutely no one here who is making that claim.

  • It might be "tough shit" in light of the Clinton campaign's massive debt. I'm not going to speak for the prior poster, but I doubt s/he was referring to each and every donation to her campaign as having been wasted. Hillary and Barack, together, have already spent more money promoting their superior message than we could have ever hoped for. But at this point, every dollar which ends up in the coffers of the Clinton campaign is a dollar wasted, in some sense, on a bid which has long ago -- particularly in the minds of Obama supporters -- ceased to sustain a legitimate path to the Democratic nomination.

    Personally, I believe that donations to the Clinton campaign at this point do more to strengthen the message of our new Democratic majority. As our great Salvadorean-hippie-communist leader Kos has been fond of saying over the past days, contested primaries are good for those who survive them.

    We really ought to reject that idea which says those current emotions which leave so many Clinton supporters grasping for a path to the nomination will remain through November and the general election. Remember that in 2000 almost half of McCain supporters were claiming they would ever vote for GwB. Alliances change, and political necessity rules the day.

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    Current standings. Apologies for the formatting, but I'd rather put this out there in the clear, as I'm surprised no one else has.

    Popular Vote Total   
    Obama +593,610    +1.8%

    Estimate w/IA, NV, ME, WA*
    Obama +703,832    +2.1%

    Popular Vote (w/FL)       
    Obama +298,838    +0.8%

    Estimate w/IA, NV, ME, WA*             Obama +409,060    +1.2%

    Popular Vote (w/FL & MI)*            Clinton +29,471    +0.08%

    Estimate w/IA, NV, ME, WA
    Obama +80,751    +0.22%

    Source: realclearpolitics.com

    Delegates:    Pledged    Super    Total    Needed
    Obama    1,601.5    291.5    1,893        132
    Clinton    1,444.5    271.5    1,716            309

    Source: demconwatch (via great satan)

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    Race of Candidate Was...

    Most Important (8%)
    Clinton     Obama
    85%         13%


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