Chuck Pennacchio for Senate

Dr. Chuck Pennacchio is the only person so far to announce that he will face Santorum in Pennsylvania.  This is a must win seat and I encourage you to support and donate whatever you can.  His campaign is grassroots and he is a progressive.

I endorse Dr. Chuck Pennacchio and will do whatever it takes, through my blog, to get his message out there.  I encourage everyone that is a Democrat to look at this guy as our candidate.  We should not have a bloody primary.  We almost would have had one in the 2006 Governor's race in New York but Senator Schumer decided to stay in the Senate.

Democrats should unite and take a stand by endorsing Dr. Chuck Pennaccio for Senate in 2006. Visit my blog at the Kentucky Democrat.

Jon Stewart and CBS

Jon Stewart will never be taken serious if he were to be named the head anchor for the CBS evening news. Jon Stewart is a comedian. That said, he's the only person on television that gives us the straight news. Comedy Central should give him the 6:30 slot to rival the major networks. Instead, they make us stay up late and choose whether to watch the local news or the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

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A call for unity

I've been doing a lot of thinking about things lately, reflecting on the state of Kentucky as well as America and the Democratic Party.

I offer my thoughts below as well as a poll.

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Here is my Disclaimer

No one is paying me to write what I say.  I am in the DLC (until dues have to be paid again).  I am heading up the Draft Bayh campaign.  I am pro-Joe Lieberman.  I am not employed by the party--or anyone at all, I should add.

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Kentucky picks Pro-Life Chair

I was never a fan of Jerry Lundergan, not because he's pro-life but because he was convicted of violating a law and got the conviction overturned.

Something is wrong when 6 members of the state central committee to do not show up.  I don't know if they voted by proxy.

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No Love for Michael Moore

MIchael Moore is not getting respect from his High School.  Of his films, I can say that I truly enjoyed Canadian Bacon because, as a fan of Second City, I enjoy the works of Candy, Belushi, and Aykroyd.  John Candy left us before our time.

The following is an article from Yahoo news.

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Radio show with Simon, Lieberman, Bayh, etc

Please listen to WLAP 630-AM today from 3 to 6 PM.  Kentucky State Treasurer Jonathan Miller is filling in for Lee Cruise.  Guests include myself, Jeremy Horton (Change for Kentucky), Evan Bayh, Ben Carter, Simon Rosenberg, Joe Lieberman.

You can stream the show at

anyone else agree with this statement

Cancel the inauguration and use the funds to help the tsunami victims.

Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season!

Taking Back Our Country

The other day, on my blog, I posted my "Taking Back Our Country" address.  I felt the need to do it as the Kentucky Democrat is picking up steam and the fact that Democrats nationwide are probably pondering the same things.

Let me know your thoughts on this....

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