Bayh says No to John Roberts

Potential 2008 presidential candidate and current Indiana Junior Senator Evan Bayh will vote NO on John Roberts, the Supreme Court Chief Justice nominee.
Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh said Friday he will vote against the nomination of Judge John G. Roberts Jr. to be the next chief justice of the United States because not enough is known about how Roberts will act.

"I cannot (conclude he'll be a great justice) because so much essential to reaching a considered judgment about this nominee remains unknown," Bayh said in a statement. "And that is not enough for a lifetime appointment to our nation's highest court, a court from which there is no appeal, a court that is the ultimate arbiter of our most basic rights and freedoms."

This news is pleasing considering as little as I know about John Roberts because not many papers are being released.  Plus, Roberts' records on equality issues like civil rights does not look so good.

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Kentucky Governor Pardons Entire Administration

Ernie "Where's Bert?" Fletcher has done it again.  He's betrayed the Commonwealth of Kentucky by ignoring the judicial system as is giving amnesty to his administration.  He will plead the 5th.
"Things like that are not going to happen in a Fletcher-Pence administration," said Republican lieutenant governor candidate Steve Pence, a former federal prosecutor and running mate of Ernie Fletcher, the GOP candidate for governor.
I have some words on the subject at my blog: but you can find it all at the Bluegrass Report

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Meeting Senator Bayh

Because there was a private reception, I had to edit this a little.

I had the honor on Wednesday of meeting the next President of the United States. Senator Bayh was in town to launch an initiative started by State Treasurer (and good friend) Jonathan Miller.  The initiative deals with the Military Family Bill of Rights.  Bayh is working on it in the Senate and in the House--Congressmen Ben Chandler (D KY-6) and Geoff Davis (R KY-4).

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Evan Bayh to blog soon

Go to his new PAC site to sign up.

I had just checked to see if Senator Bay's new PAC had a website.  Sure enough, they did.  What was better was, there was a link that said "Blog." Evan Bayh must know what a blog is and you can sign up to find out when he starts blogging.

This comes after Sen. Obama started blogging and as the KY Treasurer Jonathan Miller announced that the KY Treasury is adding a blog to the website.  Former US Senate candidate Eric Fingerhut started one up after his unsuccessful campaign.

Many DLC members are popping up in the blogosphere.

My Exclusive Interview with Bob Wiltfong

I had the chance to chat with Bob Wiltfong of the Daily Show.  I have the transcript of the interview at my blog.

Feel free to read it if you dare.

We talked about Jon Stewart's campaign in 2008, going into comedy, etc.

Peter Sullivan for Congress in 2006

New Hampshire's Jeb Bradley should be unseated next fall.

Manchester Representative Peter Sullivan is scheduled to file papers this week to run for Congress in NH-1.

Sullivan maintains his own blog.

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Is Senator Feingold running in 2008?

From the diaries--Chris

The following article leads one to think so. The Wisconsin State Journal has the news of Feingold's entering into the race.

With rampant speculation on whether U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., will run for president in 2008, his Senate campaign made a few notable recent moves. It registered the domain name for the Web site as well as the .org and .net versions. And, no, he's not facing re-election to the Senate that year.

"We saw so many sites being snapped up out there that we reserved a few sites," says George Aldrich, Feingold's past campaign manager. He notes that many sites, such as, seeking to draft Feingold, are already taken and some already have content. Others are parked by supporters in case Feingold decides to run.

One question Aldrich can't answer is why the campaign let lapse earlier this year. Perhaps an oversight.

I wish Senator Feingold the very best in his campaign.

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Daily Kos down?

Anyone else having trouble accessing dkos?

A new definition for public? (poll)

Lewis Black is known for his social commentary on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart during a segment called "Back in Black."

Black is performing in Louisville, Kentucky, tomorrow night and I was inspired to write the following rant on Bush's "public" town hall meetings.

See after there's more.

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Meeting Senator McConnell

I just got back from meeting Sen. Mitch McConnell at the Otto Budig Theatre at Northern Kentucky University.  Sen. McConnell is the Republican Whip in the United States Senate.

McConnell was on hand to present a $1,500,000 check to Northern Kentucky University for a new digital science initiative: taking astronomy to the students.

I managed to speak with the Senator, ever so briefly, but for a longer period of time than Governor Ernie Fletcher, and shorter than with State Senator Daniel Mongiardo, MD.

From my blog: The Kentucky Democrat

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