John Lennon: A Working Class Hero

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For many Beatle fans this week, December 8th has a special meaning to us.  It's the anniversary of the date we lost John Lennon.  We all have a special way of remembering his life.  For me, it's the playing of his music.  The music of love, peace, and understanding as Lennon's colleague, Paul McCartney, said during The Beatles Anthology.  As the title of this post as well as a recent music collection suggests, the late John Lennon was a working class hero.

I've been a Beatles fan since 1995 when The Beatles Anthology first aired on ABC.  I got my 1st guitar in 1999 as a result.

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My Exclusive Interview with Comedian Tina Dupuy

The latest interview to be put up on my blog is with political comedian/satirist Tina Dupuy.  Dupuy is also a blogger at The Sardonic Sideshow.

Here are some excerpts:

DS: You're a political comedian. Has the president's re-election led to more comedy or not enough?
TD: You really don't hit your stride making fun of an administration until the second term. It's like wine or Cheetoes or something that needs to be properly aged.

I have no idea what that means.

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John F. Kennedy, Sr.: A Life Remembered

Bumped by Matt. If you have memories of JFK, please post them in the thread.

I put this on my blog earlier and decided to post this on here since I have yet to see any other tribute to the late president.

Image hosted by
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Born Brookline, Mass. (83 Beals Street) May 29, 1917
Died Dallas, Texas November 22, 1963

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Breaking: Mean Jean Schmidt violates rules

A quick visit to her campaign site will show that Jean Schmidt has violated House ethics rules on campaigning and House logos.  Don't credit me for this one.  Credit the Bluegrass Report.
Unfortunately, the home page of Rep. Schmidt's campaign website contains not only the address and telephone numbers of all four of her official congressional offices, but also contains a banner photo of her standing in front of the United States Capitol, as well as the official seal of the House of Representatives which hyper-links to the House website.

I should not be credited with this as it was Mark's discovery but this is big news nonetheless and should get in the mainstream media.

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Barack Obama Cancels Daily Show appearance

Illinois Senator Barack Obama was scheduled to have appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight.

Unfortunately, Washington politics has spoiled his debut appearance at the table with Stewart as Obama has to vote on the defense spending bill.

While I would have love to seen the Senator on the tube tonight, I commend him for doing his job by voting on the bill in Washington.

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Interview with Barry Welsh, Congressional Candidate

Barry's campaign site can be found at

DS: First off, thank you for agreeing to the interview with the Kentucky Democrat. How are things going in Southern Indiana?
BW: Thank you Kentucky Democrat for hosting this blog, and for inviting me here. Things are slow in Southern Indiana. There are few jobs, and lots of properties for sale, the signs of a poor economy, and a wrong track for America.

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Meeting Joe Biden

This should have been posted Saturday night but I've been very busy with school and getting prepared to meet Sen. John Edwards next week on campus.

This event took place on October 22, 2005 at the Newport Syndicate.

I should disclaim right now that I am very involved with Americans for Bayh but I would not be opposed to Senator Joe Biden being on the ticket. If you have been stuck in a cave, Senator Biden joined Kentucky Democrats in Northern Kentucky this evening on his own expense.

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Barry Welsh for Congress 2006

Indiana's 6th District has a great candidate to support.  His name is Barry Welsh.  He ran last year for the state senate.  He announced his candidacy shortly after an appearance this weekend at the Indiana Progressive Leadership Conference.  The headliner at the conference was Jim Dean, who we all know as Howard Dean's brother.  Unfortunately, the media did not show up for the press conference.

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L'shanah Tovah

To any Jews reading on this site, may you have a healthy and joyous new year.

L'shanah Tovah.

Interview with New Hampshire State Rep. Peter Sullivan

I had the chance to interview congressional candidate Peter Sullivan, who is running in the 1st congressional district of New Hampshire.
DS:  First off, thank you for agreeing to the interview with the Kentucky Democrat.  How are things going in New Hampshire?

Peter Sullivan:  Well, fall is the best time of year in New England, so of course things are going good. The Patriots just beat the Steelers, the Sox are in the middle of a hot pennant race, and the UNH Wildcats are the top football team in Division 1-AA. It's a great time of year!

DS:  Since you're from New Hampshire, one of the first states to hold the primary election for the presidency, how do you feel about the current system changing the dates for each state?

PS:  I believe that the NH Primary has served the Democratic Party well over the years. It has allowed candidates like Jimmy Carter, Gary Hart and Paul Tsongas to bypass the Beltway conventional wisdom and bring their message to a wider audience. Ultimately, that's good for democracy and for the party.

If other states want to move up, that's fine with me, so long as they wait until the day after New Hampshire!

Click here for the full interview with New Hampshire State Rep. Peter Sullivan


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