Was I dreaming?

I had a strange dream last night.  I don't know why or even how but in this very strange nightmarish dream, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain joined forces in a new reality show, Elect Your President, hosted by Ryan Seacrest.  It was the only way to find a presidential winner because in the dream, Dean did not want a floor fight.  He said that the people, ALL people, should decide.  How Seacrest has time for all these jobs is beyond my belief.  Strangely enough, the show wasn't on FOX but CBS.

At one point, Obama challenged Clinton to debate under water...at which point, I woke up and realized it was just a nightmare because McCain had just announced Matt Stoller as his running mate (Is he even 35 yet?!?) and Jerome Armstrong as his choice for Secretary of Defense....which we all know would be very unlikely to happen.

Who would even watch such a television show these days?!?

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DNC to cancel convention...nominate John McCain

In a shocking press conference yesterday morning, DNC Chairman Howard Dean announced that he made the sole decision to cancel the rest of the primary election season as well as the 2008 Democratic National Committee Convention in Denver.

Citing the flattering attempts by President Bush to broke a deal between the three candidates and increased pressure from the Democratic Party's major donors, Chairman Dean said he finally gave in and told John McCain that the DNC had unanimously approved an endorsement for his presidential election. Here's his full statement to the press:

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Obama agrees to debate on first night of Passover, Clinton doesn't

Can someone explain this?  Why would Barack Obama agree to debate on the first night of a Jewish holiday when religious Jews, like myself, will not have a single television set on in the house?

CBS should truly be ashamed of themselves.  I just saw this from the New York Times:

When two more Democratic debates were announced this month, both Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama quickly accepted the invitation to meet in Pennsylvania on April 16.

But Mrs. Clinton, unlike Mr. Obama, has not yet agreed to participate in a North Carolina debate on April 19.

That debate, sponsored by CBS News, would be the first opportunity for Katie Couric to perform hosting duties. And if it happens, it will highlight the importance of North Carolina, whose primary will be held May 6. Mr. Obama is favored to win there.

Phil Singer, a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton, hedged when asked about the debate in a conference call with reporters Friday, blaming a "scheduling conflict" and promising an answer in "a couple of weeks."

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This is bad...Anti-Semitism is still in play...

So, I've been thinking about posting this for a few days now...you know how the news on outgoing Gov. Spitzer broke on Monday?  Well, in December 2004, I posted this on my blog.

Obviously, said post wasn't getting that many visits to my blog until this past week.  Anyway, it's garnered roughly 40 comments or so...most of which are anti-Semitic in nature and I'm disturbed by the anti-Semitism directed at not just a Jewish governor but Jewish people, like myself, in general.

It was not fun reading some of these comments, which have led to two people being banned, including the one that commented that they were glad that Tom Lantos died.  WTF?

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Caucuses disenfranchise our troops

I've been a longtime proponent of eliminating caucuses once in for all, even in Iowa.  If Ohio had voted this morning in a caucus, attendance would be in low numbers since the tristate got hammered with snow.  Would they push it back, I don't know.

Caucuses don't allow for early voting for those that are out of state or can't make it due to age or other variable factors.

But, more importantly, as this comment at Page One Kentucky points out, we disenfranchise our own troops that are fighting for America's liberties and freedoms and defending her overseas.

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Quick question on comments made recently

A few weeks ago, there was video posted of Bill Clinton's old campaign manager saying that he was endorsing Barack Obama but started backtracking in saying that he would listen to the will of the people in his state.

Well, he lives in Ohio.  Clinton won Ohio.

Has he said anything yet?

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KY 2008: Charlie Owen for Senate?

Two years ago, I wouldn't have thought this but given the events of the past few years, I am a Democrat who believes that Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is vulnerable.

Last night, at a event to officially kick off the 2007 Governor's race given that the filing deadline has come to an end, Louisville businessman Charlie Owen, a former candidate in three different races, was sure sounding like a candidate for Senate against Mitch McConnell.

Here's a link to my blog with some background on Charlie Owen.

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Jonathan Miller announces run for Governor

Earlier today, Kentucky State Treasurer Jonathan Miller announced that he will run for Governor.  He has named Jefferson County Attorney Irv Maze as his running mate.

The campaign site is coming soon but it can be found at http://www.millermaze.com

More below the flip....

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Tim Johnson

Senator Tim Johnson suffered an apparent stroke today.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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Bayh has serious netroots support

Greetings fellow bloggers,
  As you have known since I resumed my blogging in November 2004 that I am an American for Bayh.

 A few weeks ago, I posted the link to the poll at Blogging for Bayh, facebook, myspace, etc.--and was accused of poll-stuffing, which I feel was a wrongful accusation.

Anyway, Bayh was running fourth in Round 11 last time I checked.

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