Texas Governor's Race

After last week's flare up in the Bell vs. Bob Gammage showdown in the Democratic Primary over on Burnt Orange Report, I thought it would be well worth having a cooling off period and I hoped that the campaigns would agree to a cease-fire more or less.  But in politics what you think is positive chit-chat on the surface does not always reflect what goes on behind the scenes.

I had been getting e-mails from a number of people about supposed Chris Bell mail pieces which had been hitting over the last week, as series of 2-3 in which a negative "Gammage: Damage to Texas" section was included in increasing size in each mailer.  The first evidence of that came to me a couple days ago in digital and physical copies of the Bell "Guts mailer".

You can see the first smallest attack piece here.  From the campaign expenditures on the TEC reports, it looks like 2-3 direct mail pieces to statewide Triple-D's, somewhere around 210,000 households.  That came up in comment threads about the Gammage camp chosing to invest in statewide yardsign distribution instead of mail, which have indeed been appearing all over the state, and UDems helped put about 1,000 of them together this on Wednesday night.

So when this ad (not sure where it's running yet) came my way, I figured it was a response to the Bell camp continuing to keep up the attacks in the mailers.  But more importantly, regardless of which side you are on, this is one of the funniest, yet effective political ads I have seen this cycle.  And apparently the Dallas Morning-News has an article on it in today's paper.

I can't wait to train this kind of creativity against Perry and Carol. For other entertainment, you can check our former Gubernatorial candidate Felix Alvarado's post on the Latinos for Texas Blog.

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Texas Special Election Results

Continued updates at Burnt Orange Report and then here.

This is the 2nd Special Election for a moderate Republican House seat in Texas in the last month. We picked up the Austin area seat with Democrat Donna Howard last time and we are hoping to see a second pickup tonight if we can. More info on Democrat Katy Hubener is below.

Let's see how the numbers pan out:
Dallas County Election site. SOS website will have numbers, too. If you'd like to see a map of the district with precinct numbers, check this one out in pdf format.

Early Vote In with 3.6% turnout of 67,620 eligible voters.

(D) Katy Hubener 960  39.39% 
(L) Gene Freeman 18  0.74% 
(R) Kirk England 1,459  59.87%
(-) TOTAL  2,437  100.00%

8:54: No new numbers, but I called Byron in Dallas and he said Katy had over 100 people on the ground today and there was no Republican groundwork to be seen. They are waiting just like us down here.

Updates on the half hour or as available to be posted here.

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TX Governor's Race Poll

DMN random telephone poll of 1,482 registered voters Feb. 9-Feb 15. It has an error margin of plus or minus 3 percentage points. Of those polled, 301 say they are likely to vote in the Democratic primary. The error margin for those voters' responses is 5.5 percentage points.

The full report on the polling for the Texas Governor's race is here.  If the 301 people who said they would vote in the Democratic primary are the only Democrats sampled, that gives the overall poll only a 20% Dem base, which even for Texas is far too low, though I'm thinking that was a self selection question.  In any case let's look at the numbers shall we?

First, Job Approval (approve/disapprove)

(R) Perry - 47%/38%
(R) Strayhorn - 53%/16%

Our job as Democrats after the primary will be to work on Carol because as her unfavorables go up, it's doubtful those voters will shift back to Perry.

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Sen. Frank "In My Trunk" Madla Goes Star Wars

From an e-mail:

Just got this in from a friend of mine who has WAAAY too much time on his hands.  The "trunk" clip has been picked up by a number of blogs, the Express-News and the local ABC affiliate (KSAT-TV).

We've gotten numerous phone calls from disgusted Dems who have come off the undecided fence and are now supporting us because of it AND from Madla supporters who are throwing their Madla yard signs away and asking us to put up a Uresti sign in its place.  Good times.

Watch the new Star Wars version of the Sen. Frank "I lock the Democratic Party in my trunk" Madla here.

Watch the original "I lock the Democratic Party in my trunk" Madla video here.

Carlos Uresti needs volunteers
Carlos Uresti needs you to donate (paypal).

For a full background on the race, look here.  If you want to help Ciro Rodriguez beat Cuellar, then helping Rep. Carlos Uresti beat Madla helps Ciro, their San Antonio precincts overlap, and Madla and Cuellar are cut from the same Republican leaning cloth when they don't have to.

Another Cuellar-esque Moment in Texas

Could this be the start to another "One Day" Cuellar-esque story?

"When I get to the state Capitol, I lock the Democratic Party in my trunk."

- Sen. Frank Madla (D?- TX SD-19)

Watch the video, it's damning.

Madla is well known as the go-to guy for Texas Republican Senators, case in point, the first vote they flipped when the Texas Marriage Amendment came before the Senate (where we could have actually stopped it) among other issues which we can dig up.  The Red State has excellent SD 19 coverage, and Matt has covered the recent flap over the (convenient) timing of the newly renamed Frank Madla Elementary school. Check them out.

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Texas Clark organizer may run for Governor

originally posted at Burnt Orange Report

Long-time Wesley Clark stalwart Bob Gammage, former Texas state representative, state senator, U.S. congressman, and judge on the State Court of Appeals and Texas Supreme Court, is contemplating a run for Governor of Texas.  Gammage, a resident of Llano, made waves this weekend with postings and commentary that have spread first through the grassroots Clark community, then Democratic Underground, and finally the Texas blogosphere, first being reported by PDiddie.

Gammage served as a fellow SD 24 delegate to the State Democratic Convention last year, in the district which I was elected out of to the DNC as a Kerry delegate.  I've sent him and e-mail and will call tomorrow, since I've still got all the old data from my race to be a delegate.  

But talk about a resume, and if you read the comments from the other linked posts, you will start to get a sense of who Bob Gammage is- a guy who still has a network of old school Democrats but is committed to the concept of grassroots organizing.  

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TX Prop 2 Results Map (by County)

In the first of a series that I'll be working on, because I haven't seen any in state publications as of yet, here is a map of Prop 2 results by County, the Texas Gay Marriage Amendment. Be aware this one is colored differently than future ones will be.  Because Travis County was the only county to vote against the Amendment, the blue v. red coloring is based off of the degree below or above the statewide "YES" vote of 76%.

As can be seen here, support for the amendment increases the farther away one gets from an urban area.  (Lubbock, Abilene, Midland/Odessa, and Laredo all have an impact, even in heavily Pro-Prop 2 areas.  A secondary effect at play would be density of Hispanic population (i.e. border) having a moderating effect on support for the Amendment.  In fact, other blogs have reported on pockets of outright opposition to Prop 2 in certain Hispanic areas.  Here in Austin, African-American and Hispanic precincts went against Prop 2, counter to what many thought would happen. I'm working on a Travis map as well, but until then...

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Final Results In

DEM - PAUL HACKETT 55151 48.25%
REP - JEAN SCHMIDT 59132 51.74%

Source is here.

PRC CNT - 2ND CONG -753- 753 100.00%
PRC CNT - ADAMS CO. -35- 35 100.00%
PRC CNT - BROWN CO. -35- 35 100.00%
PRC CNT - CLERMONT CO. -191- 191 100.00%
PRC CNT - HAMILTON CO. -342- 342 100.00%
PRC CNT - PIKE CO. -24- 24 100.00%
PRC CNT - SCIOTO CO. -70- 70 100.00%
PRC CNT - WARREN CO. -79- 79 100.00%

And just to make sure that all bases are covered, WCPO is reporting slightly lower overall final numbers, though I'm sure they just forgot some. In any case not much changes.

753 precincts of 753 reporting
JEAN SCHMIDT 57,974 52%
PAUL HACKETT 54,401 48%

Hackett Honorary Texan for a Day

Inspired by Greg Wythe when he bestowed the title of Honorary Texan on Paul Hackett, Texas Bloggers, led by Burnt Orange Report, Off the Kuff, PinkDome, and Greg's Opinion are calling today upon all Texans (and friends of Texas) to join ranks and donate towards the very cause we have been arguing for this past week- Run Everywhere, because it's what our Party and our Democracy needs.


His success is our success, not just as Texas Democrats, but as Democrats period.

"Paul Hackett is hereby granted "Temporary Texan" status from now and election day in the Ohio 2nd (August 2). I'm pretty sure I have no legal standing whatsoever to convey Texan-ship, but who am I to let that stop me?"

Certainly not us Greg.  So join us today, in a special edition, Texas Thursday, for Honorary Texan Paul Hackett. Let's roll.

Mehlman to NAACP: I'm Clueless

Crossposted at Burnt Orange Report

From the CNN.com transcript...

I certainly will, going forward, if either party engages in things which are racially polarizing unnecessarily -- for instance, a good example, in 1998, the Democrat Party put up ads in Missouri that said -- I mean, this is appalling -- that said, "Every time you don't vote, a church burns. Vote Democratic." That's an appalling example.

The NAACP unfortunately in the 2000 campaign likened the president to James Byrd, who was a racist killer in east Texas, who the president brought to justice.

...We need more racial reconciliation.

That would be great if James Byrd was a racist killer in east Texas.  Unfortunately for Mr. "Who me, gay?" Mehlman, James Byrd wasn't a racist killer.  He was the African American victim of a gruesome hate crime.

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