• Barrett's race was thanks to the help of people across the state as Matt mentioned. There were bloggers in the district and Barrett was the first endorsed candidate of the Texas Blog PAC which is a brand new political force in Texas.

    U.S. Senate candidate Rick Noriega had recorded a message for voters for the campaign to use in it's GOTV program so it was the first step in integrating the ticket as well. Rick's statement is below.

    Yesterday, Texans voted for change. They stood up for Texas values and said no to business as usual. They said no to the politics of division. They said yes to an independent voice who will put Texas families and children first.

    Dan Barrett's win in the Texas State House is about change for Texas, but it's also about a change in how campaigns are won. We wouldn't have narrowed the Republican majority from 26 seats to 8 seats over the last five years without the work of Texas netroots. That's why your actions online - from raising attention to raising money - are so important.

    Thank you for all you do. Keep blogging for change. Together, we can take back Texas.

  • Thanks for posting on this Todd! We're very excited down here in Texas as Barrett outperformed the district by 13 points. This will do wonders for changing the conversation of whether Democrats can win in Texas.

    Our Editor Matt Glazer will be following up with extended thoughts shortly at http://www.burntorangereport.com

  • Mikal Watts, the self funding trial attorney, dropped out of the race last month. A couple of weeks ago a school teacher named Ray McMurrey got in the race but he was originally running as an independent and switched because it required too many signatures He hasn't made much of a splash.

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    I can't seem to make them right now, but under the 5th poll point, that should read "County off on the wrong track".

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    Given that I serve both for Rick Noreiga and for Democracy for Texas which submitted the proposal that drew Netroots Nations' eye to Texas, I could not be happier right now! We're going to have one heck of a time here in the Lone Star State in 2008 and the nation is invited.

    Below is a statement on behalf of Rick Noriega's campaign regarding the announcement.

    On behalf of all Texans, Rick Noriega congratulates the City of Austin as he shares in their excitement as host of the 2008 Netroots Nation convention. The Netroots community has not only proven that it can change the conventional wisdom of politics, but that it can change the conventional practices of politics as well.

    We have the opportunity to enact meaningful change in the makeup of the U.S. Senate in 2008 and Rick is proud to be the candidate to put Texas in play. Our grassroots movement in Texas has garnered Democracy for America's first Senate endorsement, the support of John Kerry and Wesley Clark, the backing of the Texas netroots and Blue America communities, as well as contributions from over 2,400 online donors-- the most donors of any Senate challenger on ActBlue.

    Welcome to Austin, Netroots! Rick and our entire campaign team look forward to meeting many of you in person next July 17-20.

    -Sue Schechter, Campaign Manager
    Rick Noriega for U.S. Senate

    Rick of course is no stranger to Netroots Nation (formerly YearlyKos) as he was liveblogging it this summer in Chicago. Martha, writing at Off the Kuff, provided us with a lot of pictures of Noriega at this year's convention as well.

  • Like, I didn't think I'd see you posting on MyDD. That's cool.

    So that comes out to a .4%ish action rate. Granted many of these people are already registered, which makes the action rate higher in reality, and given that there has been no ability for the group owner to push people to registed, that is all self-directed action. That's even more impressive to me.

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    It just got out yesterday and nobody announces anything while it's going on which is why the big silence from Texas. With Lampson saying he's running for re-election, expect other announcements to happen in June. I quote from today's Austin American Statesman...

    Lampson surfaced as a Senate prospect this spring after appearing at a San Antonio fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. The gathering, which raised $1.1 million, took place in Watts' home.

    Watts, a plaintiffs' lawyer, said Monday that he'll start an exploratory committee Friday, meaning that he'll be poised to raise money that could be spent on a campaign.

    "There's a high level of interest in changing the course of this country," Watts said.

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    Interestingly, Richardson is tied for second in the Burnt Orange Report users straw poll for Texas voters (which can't be stuffed easily since it's only registered users). Edwards is just ahead of him. If Texas were to move it's primary up to Feb 5th as could happen, Richardson might find some friendly territory in a very rich delegate state.

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    The great thing about the DNC meeting and the mix of candidates who are official or maybe not quite yet, is that you can donate to all of them regardless of status through ActBlue- right now, today!

    For those that may want to encourage Clark to run, contribute to the Draft Clark page. If he runs, all the money gets transferred to his account, if he chooses not to run, then your donation gets transferred to Howard Dean's DNC for 2008. It's win-win if you are a supporter.

    Below are other pages for 2008 candidates and Draft Funds.

    Wes Clark Draft Fund
    Al Gore Draft Fund
    Barak Obama
    Bill Richardson
    John Edwards
    Dennis Kucinich
    Tom Vilsack
    Joe Biden
    Chris Dodd
    Hillary Clinton
    Mike Gravel

    And for the old Deaniacs out there we even have the Howard Dean Draft Fund.

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    Don't forget Soapblox, which runs Raising Kaine and many many a state blog like Burnt Orange Report in Texas.

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    Personally, I've experienced the value of both BlogPAC and ActBlue and would like to encourage those that may wonder what's up with the project to check it out and donate.

    I used to be the primary editor of the Burnt Orange Report in Texas, one of today's announced recipients of BlogPAC money to pay our hosting for the year. Actions like that help to reduce our overhead costs, allowing me to help fund our direct e-mail campaign of about 2000 users (which raised thousands last year for local directed Student GOTV projects). That's a direct benefit and for just a couple hundred dollars taken off our shoulder, we were able to make the difference in putting one more Democrat into the statehouse and pick up a seat on a Circuit Court of Appeals race in Austin.

    Funding ActBlue allows for some great things as well- including one I'm really thrilled about. With the tips, direct donations, and recurring donations like those from this page, it not only helps to activate more states for down-ballot contributions (Virgina is on and Mississippi is coming next) but add talented forward thinking folks to the staff. One of those happens to be me and having just graduated, I couldn't be happier. Also brought on board this month was Nate Thames another recent grad, activist, and blogger from Kansas. Together we're helping to make new projects happen and get way ahead for the 07-08 cycle.

    This fundraising project isn't about me or ActBlue or BlogPAC though. It's about you- we just get to work to make things possible to empower any and every Democrat possible.

    So Donate to the BlogPAC/ActBlue page and become a recurring contributor. It's a new generation of ideas and activism that you can make possible.

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    I'm headed out again right now with Muse!

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    Well, that might matter except for the fact that most of those blogs they are tracking is a bunch of livejournal/myspace crap. No, the blogs that matter will carry on and there will be consolidation of the best content. Don't worry your pretty self now.
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    Such kind words, you make me blush Chris.
  • I look forward to it. ;)


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