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    It's misleading. And not that funny.
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    How is that at all related to Al From (and his non-endorsement) of Dean...
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    ...that was stupid.
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    Well hopefully all of y'all got the release from the Hill Country SD24 Democratic County Chairs who endorsed Dean. Or maybe when MoveOn finishes it's survey of a couple million activist Democrats on their thoughts for chair there will be another faction of Democrats with an opinion.

    If this is all just one "constituency" though, then I have to wonder. Where are all the other Democrats? I'd like to see a local County level Democratic Organization that has come out in support of a candidate other than Dean (beyond something from a candidate's home base of power). Or a national organiztion even.

    I guess DFT wanted to find out what the pulse was of Texas State Convention Democrats (seeing that nobody else bothered to), even if they didn't think Dean was going to win it (and even taking into account a large margin of error, sorry, he still by far outpaced anyone else). Until anyone else can prove evidence otherwise that Texas Democrats beside Byron are behind Frost, then I'm inclined to believe that there is a disconnect.

    I won't blame the Texas DNC for having to get behind Frost because he's from Texas. Nothing personal David, because you are paying more attention to the reaction out here than most, but if y'all are convinced that there widespread Frost support on the ground in Texas, I'd like to see some evidence otherwise.

  • So that today, it's not a story.  They pulled it out of his regular DNC speech where he goes on about not liking the Republicans for anthing they stand for, but has to give them credit for the type of election opperation that they run.  Don't let the right wing rabble maching get to ya.
  • It's really hard to find good crap on the Internet, but today is not one of those days.  Either you spent so much time writing this fantasticly pointless piece of garbage that you havn't seen the main page posts about Roemer's "Joe-mentum" status in this race, or you choose to ignore it.

    Unless you have some new information to prove this...

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    I left a comment on your last post concerning Dean's 2008 status. Make sure you read it. :)
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    I don't think you would want to see all of it at once!  This second section is large enough as it is, and will be one in about 30 minutes and posted here.  And then there is the shorter Texas ground report after that!
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    Fowler was trying to get people to sign on in support at the meeting, though a couple of delegate stood up to offer changes or amendments of thier own which were blocked by the officer running the meeting announcing that we were on a tight schedule and moving on.  Of the 7 candidates, most all said they supported them, some with reservations on individual ideas or lines, but that should be more clear after they all file responses by this Friday on their staces.
  • This is Karl-T. from Burnt Orange Report and I'll be in Atlanta with Scott Goldstein on the 7th and 8th.  If anyone you or anyone else blogging will be around, give me a call 512-924-KARL  (go ahead and decode it, it's really my number).  

    If you are interested in coordinating so that we cover as much as possible that would be awesome. Dean is having a private event on the 7th which Scott and I will be at so I'll have that angle, I'm sure other candidates might have their own events.  And if we do some 'exit polling' or such, the more people we can talk to, the better.  I'll be reporting over at Burnt Orange, and then reposting that in diaries here and on Kos.


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