TX-Sen: DFA Might Endorse Rick Noriega...

I promise not to deluge anyone with just Rick Noriega stories now that I'm back in Texas supporting his campaign, but I really do want to talk about this. I'm a Democracy for Texas steering committee member which is why I'm additionally excited.

Democracy for America, the 700,000 person national progressive membership organization that was born out of Howard Dean's campaign, is doing something very big that affects Texas. They've put out the call, asking if DFA as a national organization should endorse Rick Noriega and make him their first Senate endorsement for 2008. That's huge- and it's totally possible.

Go here: http://www.democracyforamerica.com/suppo rtrick

As you may remember, Democracy for Texas endorsed Noriega in September after polling their membership which came back with a stunning 86% saying- YES. It was the first time DFT had ever endorsed a candidate as an organization and they are supporting the effort for DFA to endorse as well.

Getting DFA to endorse would be huge- not only for Rick Noriega, but also for Texas as it would help put an already exciting race on the national map. That would be key given that President Bush is coming to Texas next week to raise for Cornyn (and Cheney who was here yesterday).

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