The Value of BlogPAC and ActBlue

Personally, I've experienced the value of both BlogPAC and ActBlue and would like to encourage those that may wonder what's up with the project to check it out and donate.

I used to be the primary editor of the Burnt Orange Report in Texas, one of today's announced recipients of BlogPAC money to pay our hosting for the year. Actions like that help to reduce our overhead costs, allowing us to help fund our direct e-mail campaign (which raised thousands last year for local directed Student GOTV projects). That's a direct benefit and for just a couple hundred dollars that could be directed to other projects for instance, we were able to make the difference in putting one more Democrat into the statehouse and pick up a seat on a Circuit Court of Appeals in Austin.

Funding ActBlue allows for some great things as well. With the tips, direct donations, and recurring donations like those from this page, it not only helps to activate more states for down-ballot contributions (Virgina is on and Mississippi is coming next) but add talented forward thinking folks to the staff. One of those happens to be me and having just graduated, I couldn't be more excited. Also brought on board this month was Nate Thames another recent grad, activist, and blogger from Kansas. Together we're helping to make new projects happen and get way ahead for the 07-08 cycle.

This fundraising project isn't about me or ActBlue or BlogPAC though. It's about you- we just get to work to make things possible to empower any and every Democrat possible.

So Donate to the BlogPAC/ActBlue page and become a recurring contributor. It's a new generation of ideas and activism that you can make possible.

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Re: The Value of BlogPAC and ActBlue

Anyone know how much BlogPAC has raised so far in recurring donations?  The blogpac2 page indicates $10,600 donated, and the infrastructure page lists $1800 donated, but there's no info about what the breakdown is between one-time and recurring.

If that's all recurring (like I signed up for), that's huge!  Even if only half is recurring, it's still a great chunk of money, and a good start to the 1000 donor goal for the end of Feb.

by aip 2007-01-31 10:54PM | 0 recs
Re: The Value of BlogPAC and ActBlue

Except for one generous one-time $500 contribution to blogpac, approx. 95% of all the funds contributed to the infrastructure page are recurring.

(We moved all the contributions made to the blogpac2 page that recur for 1 year or more to the infrastructure page since they are certainly a start on this project's goal.)

by brahn 2007-01-31 11:48PM | 0 recs
Re: The Value of BlogPAC and ActBlue

Thanks for the clarification, and the transparency!    For some reason, it's reassuring to see others donate and to track the progress.

by aip 2007-02-01 12:56PM | 0 recs


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