Conclusive proof that ID = creationism

Harrisburg, Pa., Oct. 6 - Authors of a textbook critical of evolution replaced the word "creationism" with "intelligent design" in 1987, soon after the U.S. Supreme Court barred the teaching of creation science in public schools, a researcher of the history of intelligent design testified in federal court Wednesday.

After the ruling, authors deleted more than 250 references to "creationism" and the "creator" from draft versions of the book, "Of Pandas and People," and replaced them with "intelligent design" and "intelligent designer," said Barbara Forrest, philosophy professor at Southeastern Louisiana University and author of the book "Creationism's Trojan Horse -- The Wedge of Intelligent Design."

"The substitution was made throughout" the book, Forrest said. Gesturing to a chart on a courtroom screen, she said a computer word search showed how creationism and similar words were eliminated from the "Pandas" text after the Supreme Court ruling.

"You just saw the smoking gun," Nick Matzke, spokesman for the National Center of Science Education, said in an interview after hearing Forrest's testimony. "This proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that intelligent design is creationism."

Two related thoughts:

Even if ID is true, it isn't science.  It is not amenable to scientific inquiry.  If it is to be included in the science curriculum, it should be as an example of something that does not meet the basic requirements of science.

Any theory should be subject to scrutiny, but the creationists haven't pushed for critical analysis of any other theories.

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Who needs 'proof' - Isn't it obvious?
Wannabe totalitarians hate anything they can't control, like science.. nature, sexuality, all knowledge, in all their infinity..

The boundless natural world, with its real-life miracles, is dangerous, uncontrollable to them. A 'loose cannon'. They who (in their delusional minds) 'have everything, also have everything to lose.. What a depressing, stifling inflexibility, huh? They would gladly drag us all down with them, rather than relax their death grip on control.

Don't forget, these are the same people who, for thousands of years, have relentlessly attempted to twist Jesus's (and the other very human people who have conveyed God's - very real truths and twisted all messages of love and universal inclusion into messages of hate and fear.

Look at how they lie.. They can't tell the truth. They simply can't.  So they are blind.. Among a zillion other things, they can't see God inside of evolution.. Inside of Nature. Without having to change anything.. Its beautiful..

by ultraworld 2005-10-06 08:47PM | 0 recs
They want to think that they are the end
of evolution.. But they aren't they are a dead end..

Humanity and everything else is evolving away.. around them.. without them.

The Internet has created a global community that is rapidly increasing the speed that knowledge multiplies. They are becoming irrelevant, their power is waning, their window is slamming shut.

They are alienating a lot of people. They are becoming the issue, their fear, spiteful and ugly.

That is very un-Christian..

by ultraworld 2005-10-06 08:52PM | 0 recs
An important development in the evolution...
...of right wing punditry:

Today on EWM: Scientific Shocker: Study: Euthanizing Right-wing Pundits would Solve Global Warming

by The Muse 2005-10-06 09:01PM | 0 recs


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