Arnold to support Ohio redistricting amendment

According to Dr. Richard Gunther, professor of political science at Ohio State University and a founder of Reform Ohio Now, Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to endorse Ohio Issue 4.  Gunther made these remarks at a meeting this evening in Dublin, northwest of Columbus.

Issue 4 would end gerrymandering in Ohio by placing the responsibility for drawing district boundaries in the hands of a bipartisan panel, and by defining a series of criteria by which disticting plans must be evaluated.  Plans that create the most competitive districts, create balance between noncompetitive districts, and divide cities, counties, and other entities as little as possible would have the best chance of being chosen.

Gunther also endorsed the California redistricting proposal (Issue 77), and plans to travel to California to speak in favor of it.  No word as to whether Arnold will travel to Ohio to support Issue 4.

See the October 18 entry on the following blog for details.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Issue 4 was trailing, but about a third of the voters were still undecided.  Not surprising considering how difficult it is to explain gerrymandering to the average voter.

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