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    ... and if you think that will make a difference in the next 60 days your clueless.

    Just the fact that McCain totally killed the DNCC news cycle is worth it.

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    You are missing the point entirely.

    My 'not very' politically engaged wife just read some of Jerome's postings and comparisons to Quale and she was real p-off.

    (Personally I too was offended, but perhaps not as strongly.)

    Once you have the left start bagging out this mother of 5 who became a 'tough' Alaska governor there will be MANY women who will align with the McCain-Palin ticket.

    Say what you will about McCain but he is a shrewd guy with balls of steel.

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    That would be a huge compliment.

    I recall, during her time, every labor supporter hated Thatcher with murderous passion.

    I lived in the UK for a few years recently. Apparently history has been good to her, because, these days, she is seen very positively.

    (Never found even one politically engaged person who thought badly of what she accomplished.)

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    Are you kidding me, seriously? Are we that one sided now?

    She was a former Mayor and is the governor of Alaska.

    Obama is a one term senator with none/zero executive experience of any sort. He has personally admitted to not being much of a manager.


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    I find this add so absurdly over the top it's funny.

    I am waiting for the ads where they have ads with Obama in a Keffiyeh, with prayer beads in one hand and a spliff in the other.


  • When did it become bad to have a big house or two.

    I have a couple of nice homes these days. However, when I was young (like 12) I remember scrounging around for empty bottles and giving the money to my mom for groceries.

    Does the fact that I am now a little more successful mean I am out of touch?

  • No, he just had a secret service screen of his venue. Not  the same thing.


  • Well we'll find out tomorrow. He lost a couple of points in the tracking polls over the last few days so no place to go but up.

  • It's actually McCain up by 2 in Gallup, not Obama.

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    Yeah, McCain want's to win. So?

    You think Obama voted for FISA because he woke up one day and thought it was a good idea? What about NAFTA, you think he had an epiphany? Oil drilling? Faith based initiatives?

    Obama is 'reinterpreting' his positions to appeal to a broader audience, those he can't reach with his rhetorical skill. Politics.

    McCain is trying to tear down a much more charismatic opponent while talking about his resume (which is, you know, damn impressive). Politics.

    It's how the game is played. Many things I don't like about McCain, the fact that he is playing to win is not one of them. (He is up 4 in Gallup since the DNCC started so this is clearly working for him.)

  • Actually the latest Battleground poll was also release today and Obama is down 1 in that also.


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    I am sorry if you felt the title was unbalanced. This was not my intent.

    But seriously, Obama was up by like 70 30 days ago. Today he is down by 10.

    That's a fact, right? Ok I accept some polls may be off or whatever but an 80 point shift is a trend.

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    Actually, although MN is considered a toss up, but the number I am quoting puts it in Obama's favor.

    So McCain is up by 10 with MN to Obama.

    Ohio was given to McCain by RCP because latest polls put him up by about 2.

    But anyway the point I am making is that Obama was up by like 70 30 days ago, now he down by 10. There is a trend.

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    Yes, well, I agree but, more generally, I'd just like to find out what people think is happening.

    Obama has not really done anything badly, McCain has not done anything especially well, so what's the deal?

    Where is this 'shift' (and I appreciate it's magnitude is debatable) coming from?


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    I am not predicting anything (mainly because I was so wrong before, as you aptly - and unceremoniously - note).

    I am just asking why it's happening. What is Obama doing or not doing that is causing this slide?


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