Media round-up going into SC primary.

The bulk of the mainstream media is focusing on race as the voters of South Carolina head to the polls today.

ABC news tells us ...

Showdown in South: Obama, Clinton Seek Edge as S.C. Polls Open

Race a big subtext in contest featuring large number of black voters.

CBS news has ...

Could Obama Win S.C., But Get No Bounce? Reports: Dynamics Of Race Mean A Win Saturday May Not Help Democrat Top Clinton On Feb. 5

MSNBC, that bastion of fairness and balance, says ...

Democrats vote in South Carolina

Race is a subtext in the first primary to feature a large number of black voters; Democratic Party chair predicts record turnout.

CNN, shocking, has no mention of race in their headline ...

Steady to strong turnout as South Carolina votes

Turnout was strong in some places today as voters streamed to the polls for South Carolina's Democratic primary. A win in South Carolina is crucial for Barack Obama, who could use a victory after second-place finishes to Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire and Nevada.

... and last, and quite possibly least, Fox News ...

Obama looks for diverse appeal to carry S.C.

YOU DECIDE: Obama tries to prove his support across lines of race, gender, economic status in Palmetto State

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