Maybe Supers do reflect the will of the people

Alot of folks me included believe the concept of Supers is bad.

It screams elitism because it says that there are times we need to save the party from its own members. Well guess what, in the past its been these party hacks that have triangulated us into the mess of the Bush and Reagan years. Clinton struggled during his whole presidency because his "middle approach" alienated much of the base and Republicans never supported him.  My guess is less compromise with the right and more appealing to the base and independents would have served him better. I liked Bill still do but I think the Clinton era is over and its a time of resurgance for the progressives or grassroots of the party.

Some folks will object to this but I believe the superdelegates have been and continue to move to Obama's camp not just because he is delegate leader. The reason is because Obama's voters may be more valuable to the party than Hillary's supporters. The voters that form the backbone of support for Obama have been AA, young voters(future of the party) and the activists. Hillary's supporters are the working class and middle age to older woman. Well my THEORY is that the supers look at that and say the working class tends to be a bit fickle and are more prone to crossover when wedge issues are introduced. Interestingly Hillary has been able to capitalize on that. So its a strength for her. Then the older and middle age women are a HUGE strength for her. Unfortunately they are the party's past. Either dying off or less likely to be involved because of the normal chores of life... working, raising a family etc.. Obama's supporters are much more valuable to the supers because a solid AA vote gives them (based on history) an automatic voting block with little effort. The young are learning to identify themselves as Democrats and identify with the values of the Democratic party. Then the activist view Obama as their champion and will reenergize the party, these are the foot soldiers.

So at the end of the day the supers are moving toward Obama and thinking the voters know what they are doing and will ratify their decision by following their lead. Doesn't mean they don't value Hillary supporter it means in the big picture they weighed the facts and come to the conclusion that the Obama supporters are too valuable to let go.

The other reason for all the acrimony may just be the normal confrontation that occurs when the old guard has to make room the new guard. Some may want to remember this was also true when Clinton came from out of nowhere to take the Democratic nomination and its a normal part of the process.

So when the supers ratify, and yes it appears likely, that they ratify the new guards choice keep in mind that maybe they ain't so dumb and maybe just, maybe they do  "get it". They are just reflecting the will of the people.

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