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      Glad someone else is thinking this. Hillary would frakkin rock as SML. Obama would, I think, be a bit to polite for that job. Her mastery of policy & procedure wouldn't let anyone put anything over on her. She'd have a far more direct role in the shaping of policy than she would as President. I think she'd be perfect for this. President Obama will need a hard-nosed realist in the Senate if he wants to get anything done.

  •   Oh No, a Black Seperatist!!! I'm personally shocked to suddenly find out (from Faux news, no less...) that some black people aren't happy with the way they've been treated these last 400 YEARS! How can they be so un-American as to express even the slightest hint that they are anything but eternally grateful for all of the wonderful things our government has done for them? Some folks just don't know how to say thank you, eh?

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    Do you feel better now? It's just this sort of faith-based approach to objective reality that has Sen. Clinton in this position in the first place. And, while I compliment you on your imagination & positive thinking, I must tell you that this scenario smells alot like the Cheney/Rumsfeld predictions on Iraq. I'm all for putting the best face on matters, but jeez...
      Btw, if Sen. Obama wins the popular vote, the delegate count, gets more states, AND winds up with more super-dels by the time the convention gets here, who are you going to vote for?
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      I'm kinda new here, but I would be interested to know why you beleive Obama "unfit"? Length of time as an elected official? Shady business deals? Plz be specific...


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