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       Agree or disagree with him, Keith showed a lot of class just now. Nice to see a newscaster honest enough to admit he was wrong.

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      I don't mean to say he should annouce plans to have her as VP or anything, but he does need to acknowledge that Sen. Clinton has a core of loyal supporters with legitimate concerns, and yes, doubts about him as a candidate. Negativity and political scrapping is one thing, but when it comes down to the wire, we're all fighting for the same thing. If I were advising Sen. Obama, I'd say drop any and all negative references to Sen. Clinton. Point out policy differences , differences in "philosophy of implementation", yes, but concentrate all of your energy on exposing Sen. McCain for the Bush apologist/enabler that he is. Sen. Clinton has some good ideas, she's hell on wheels when it comes to a political knife-fight, not to mention the very significant voter support she has. It's time to stop chewing on each other, and start swinging on the real Bad Guys. Us Dems cannot pull this off we don't come together.

    Obama for Pres/Hillary for Senate Majority Leader!!!

    Dems in 08!!!

  •    You both just got my vote for nomination to the State Dept. Morality should be the basis of "Realism", insofar as the principles we as a nation advocate should apply to all other nations equally.I think any realistic approach to global relations has to be predicated on the acknowledgement everyone on Earth is entitled to life, liberty, and (at least) the pursuit of happiness. If I've read you right, the important question is: How do we square our moral obligations to Humanity (aptly framed in the Constitution), with our legitimate economic and security concerns? IMHO, the only way we can do this is by making the case, globally, that we are working towards economic/political equality across ALL national boundries. Shaun makes the excellent (and too often overlooked) point that as long as economic (ie-Energy) policy is treated as an adjunct to foreign policy, and not it's bedrock, we'll continue to squander resources dealing with symptoms, and not address the real problems.

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     Again, Fl and MI are black boxes at this point. I know you'd love to see them count as is, but it ain't gonna happen. 50/50 is the best deal either candidate can expect, and factoring in the popular vote from those wholly unrepresentitave contests is wishful thinking at best. If we could do it all over again, I don't doubt Clinton would do well in MI, but I live in FL, and I gotta tell you it would be a toss-up here. And, btw, quoting ABC numbers on Clinton is like quoting FOX numbers on McCain. It does not advance your argument.
      Anyway, congratz on the win, and on to NC/IN...

    Obama 08

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    1. "Game" is a good description. How a campaign can call a 20-25 point slide in the month prior to the voting a "win" is beyond me.
    2.Late deciders. "talk" and SUSA polls are worth squat, and the numbers show Obama did much better with the newer voters.

    1. David survived because he knocked Goliath out with the first rock. Clinton's donors are almost tapped out, while Obama seems to be printing his own money. 2.5 million will last her til about Thursday.
    2. This would be a good point, except she's still paying Penn, and her "frugality" is more apparent then actual.
    3. Now it's the popular vote? MI and FL? It's the DELEGATES, friend. Pop vote is nice, if her goal is the VP slot, otherwise she's whistling past the graveyard.
    4. Guam? Did you say Guam? Puerto Rico, sure, she's already rigged that one nicely, but Guam? How many Delegates does Guam have?
    5. "Clinton doesn't need to go negative but can encourage the questions" Um, that's called going negative. Stay out of the Spin Room, bro, it's messing up your logic...
    6. & 9. NC is gonna break big for Obama. IN is a toss up, tho I'm guessing Obama by 4-6.

     Long story short, we waited the last six weeks to be right back where we started. Ugh. McCain must be thanking his Higher Power every day.

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    ...instead of slinging shit like a rabid chimpanzee, she might actually be winning this thing. Anyway. That was a cool post, Alegre. I get so annoyed at your uncritical boosterism, I didn't know you had other things to talk about. I happen to be one of those kids you talk about. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Good Luck tonight, too.

    Obama 08

  •    You have had nothing but gleeful applause for every nasty, back-biting, small-minded smear to come out of the Clinton campaign in the last 15 months. Every new slam has you breathlessly announcing "the tide is turning", even as your candidate drowns in her own nastiness, and blows through formerly loyal constituencies (black, latino, under 50k-a year whites, wealthy Liberals) like I go through socks. You haven't had a word of reproach for any of the bald-faced lies Hillary has spouted, no matter how silly, or counter-productive, or doqwnright stupid they were. You have been a cheerleader from hell, no matter what she said or did. Now that Obama has finally gotten pissed off, and decided to dish it out, you suddenly discover intellectual integrity? That's not even honest enough to make me angry, ya know? It would be funny, if it weren't so pathetic. The mental contortions you had to go through to be able to write this post are scary. Keep up your witless boosterism, though. Obama can  only benefit by the comparison. After the election, you and your fellow Clinton supporters can get together and cry about Disloyalty, Mysogyny, Mean Boys, DKos trolls, Unfair Media, whatever...I never agreed with you, but I used to enjoy reading your stuff. But you've gone 'round the bend, friend. Here's hoping you get your head outta yer ass by november.

    Obama 08

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     What's next? Parsing stills for covert gang signs? Playing clips backwards trying to hear him say "Hills-A-Bitch"? I realize 15 months of this grueling slog has unhinged alot of folks on both sides, but this is right up there with looking for stealth Illuminati codes in a Bush speech....

    Obama 08

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      Trust me, if I wanted to "bash" her, this diary would have been alot longer. I tried to point out what I see as a pattern of dishonest, destructive, nakedly self-interested behavior on the part of Sen. Clinton, a person I used to respect and admire. Exactly how was that "Intellectually dishonest"? And where does a hillary supporter get off knocking anybody for dishonesty?

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       How big of an advantage would you like to see? A mandate? And give me one good example of how he's been "negative"? I hear that on MyDD all the time, and no one ever follows up with a specific example! Calling your opponent on their bullshit is not negative, it's just pointing out the facts. And, yeah, I do remember the 90's, I remember a grown man who couldn't keep his zipper up making a spectacle of himself, and humiliating his wife on national TV. If you want to defend that kinda thing, feel free. Personally, I found it embarassing....

  •    I saw a guy speaking the truth as he saw it, inelegantly perhaps, but it was a hell of a lot less insulting than seeing Hillary and McSame basically co-ordinate their attacks. They come off SO sweet together....the "bitter" stickers were really classy, btw........

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      Are you, like, Alegre's alter-ego? Are you two roomates? You sure sound alot alike. You have almost nothing positive to point to from Hillary, unless it's your're childish glee over her ever-increasing slime attacks, and hysterical ranting about her rove-inspired non-issues. All you people do is lurch from one supposed gaffe to the next, while basically parroting Faux News. I swear to god, I even saw someone quote a Victor David Hanson article from RCP the other day in order to SUPPORT one of Hillary's idiotic slams! Vic Hanson!? Have you lost your frakkin' minds???? And, My God, the endless whining and hand-wringing about how the big, bad Repugs are gonna trash Obama in November, O my! WTF could they possibly throw at him that Hillary's attack dogs haven't already? Seriously, no disrespect, but get a fucking grip, ok?  "ooh, I'm gonna vote for McSame if Hillary isn't the Nominee, Bwaaaa..."

     Go for it. 4 years from now, maybe some of the good folks here will have wised up. Assuming we're not a dictatorship by then......

    Bitter? Hell, yes. But not at Obama.

    Obama 08

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      Watched the whole thing. Hillary was in "nice" mode, sorta, but still managed to get in her new "elitist" dig against Obama (and Gore!? and Kerry!? by way of analysing the 2000/2004 elections; Obama helpfully pointed out that Gore won in 2000) other than that, she was sweet as sugar, talked alot about how desperate she was to get back to showering everyone with her compassion, faith, etc...

     Obama hedged a bit, unsurprising considering the more obvious land-mine questions CNN lined up for him. Made his points carefully, and even bucked the party line in a few places. I think he did well with the abstinence/contraception questions, I know that's a thorny one for Dems (more condoms=fewer abortions; radical concept...)
       I thought they both did OK, though I can't shake the impression that Hillary was channeling her Dr. Jekll for awhile, before Mr. Hyde bursts to the fore again...

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      You sound like a broken record. Every time Hillary comes up with some new non-issue, I hafta see you diary-up and start crowing about what an Obama-Killer it's gonna be, like your're some 12-year old watching a schoolyard brawl, and hoping for blood. And, every single time, Obama answers with the same thoughtful, calm good grace, and even more people get a chance to see what a balanced human being we've got here. You won't post this wishful thinking on Kos anymore, because they we're mean to you (people can be assholes; welcome to reality), so you gotta know you're just preaching to the choir here. I've read alot of your stuff. You have, at times, shown yourself to be thoughtful, compassionate, and comitted to the Cause. But this constant, shrieking fantasy-Land you're spiralling into is really getting old fast. Hillary makes the most outrageous and blatanly false claims, and you applaud. Obama tells the truth, albeit as he sees it, and you act like he raped your sister. Grow up....

    Obama 08

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     The man spoke truth. For my part, I'm a southern white male Libertarian/Progresive who's sick about what our Washington culture has become. I'm done with political triangulation, and I'm seriously pissed off that Hillary's most recent slam comes on the heels (co-ordinated with?) of McSames newest half-assed talking-point. I have nothing but love for Hillary as a person, as a candidate, and as an American, but her behavior is pushing the envelope! If her focus is America, then fight on! If her focus is Hillary's America, then I hafta say yer frakkin killing us. All the Hillary-haters can rag me about it, but she won't frak us for ambition...I hope...

    Obama 08  / Hillary SML


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