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    ...at least you'll seem like less of a dork over there. Scarlett Johanson? are you high? I'll say it real slow:



  • Bwahahaha, yah, funny how this "writer" (or is it just a McCain-Bot on a server somewhere?) never seems to trouble their head about all of the REALLY creepy stuff going on in Washington. Good one.

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       While I agree that Hillary wasn't flinging all that shit out of the goodness of her heart, it did serve a purpose. Obama is no longer under any illusions about the whole "civil, respectful campaign" rhetoric. I think now he realizes that it ain't Showfriends, it's Showbusiness. I loved McCain's little blurb today about how wives should be off-limits, while his surrogates & Repug hacks sharpen their knives for Michelle. Personally, I think they'd have better luck with Barack. That lady is from the South Side, & those chicas will hand you your guts in a bucket...

  •  "actually did occur" and "things I feel mad about, regardless of their objective reality" are two different things, Juno. If your so distraught about Obama's horrible behavior, why are you still here? McSame has a lovely blog where you and others of like-mind can rub your psychological wounds together til you feel better. Or, you can spend the rest of the election recycling GOP smears, and Clintons baseless, desperate attempts to salvage her political ambitions. BTW, while we're on the subject, I'm getting really tired of being told what I or my Candidate "must" do in order to placate a small group of bitter, illogical, gullible (and let's face it, whiny) bloggers. Obama MUST win the election. That's it. If you are willing to risk that goal merely for a chance to air your grievances, & beat your chest about whatever it is you think lost Clinton the nomination, then I have no use for your vote. Stay home and cry into your beer for all I care....

    Obama 09

  •   How about you apologizing for buying into GOP smears and not using your critical faculties to distinguish serious issues from primary season broadsides? You have quite a list of things you're "demanding" an apology for, most of which have nothing to do with the man, but ALL of which have everything to do with the GOP/Clinton smear-gun. You've recycled them so beautifully (and you have such a catchy handle!), that I can only assume yer a TROLL! Go back and tell McSame it's not gonna work, and that he should come up with an idea for his campaign doesn't involve "Obama is more crappy than I am".
      Did I remember to call you a troll? Troll.

    Obama 09

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       Yah, I know the feeling. I was all for Dean, and when he dropped out, it was a rough transition to Kerry, I guy I had no enthusiasm for whatsoever. Now, I'm just digging the fact that my generation is getting so passionate about politics at all!

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        Full disclosure: I was born and raised in Tampa, FL, and I love my hometown.
    Having said that, I hafta mention the Colbert Report's show tonight. For those of you who didn't catch it, he had a segment about a group of hillbilly assholes calling themselves the Sons of Confederate Veterans who have erected a HUGE frakkin' Confederate battle flag near the busiest highway intersection in the state, which happens to be in Tampa.
    Let me be clear: THESE PEOPLE DO NOT REPRESENT TAMPA! Tampa is one of the most diverse, tolerant, and coolest cities in Florida. Two of our last three mayors have been female Democrats, and our current mayor, Pam Iorio, has made improving the quality of life here her top priority. It also happens to be, along with our sister cities of St. Petersburg & Clearwater, one of the most beautiful major cities in the state. Thanks to our vibrant Latino and Asian population, we have some of the best mom-n-pop restaurants in the world (have a real Cuban sandwich when you come to visit, you won't regret it) And since New York appears to have a law stating that all New Yorkers have to move to Florida eventually, it is now possible to get a decent slice of pizza here.
      Enough fluffing. To the issue:
     These SoCV types are not from Tampa. They are from the vast tracts of wilderness that surround it. OK, there's actually not much wilderness left, but there sure are alot of racist rednecks. This flag was put up on private land, so not much can be done about it legally, but I just wanted to make sure that folks didn't get the wrong idea about just what this place is about. Thanks to Colbert for putting these clown-assed hillbillys in the public eye. Maybe if enough people laugh at them, it'll shame them into better sense, tho I tend to doubt it. Sorry to ramble, this whole episode just irked me...
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       Sorry, my friend, but I'm about done "wooing" anybody.
    "Disaffected voters have been glorified in this election when Obama was bringing them back into the fold(Hill actually did this too, but it went unreported)"  Golly, it's a shame there isn't some widely-available means for diseminating info not covered by the MSM, huh? 'cause that would ROCK. An average person could dig up such data, and put it out there for all to see. Unless of course it didn't exist....
      All I saw was Clinton reaching out to a bunch of hillbilly racists in an ugly effort to keep herself alive politically. Be pissed off all you like, sit home waiting for the phone call. I wouldn't hold my breath, though...
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      After months of J. Wright, "he's a crypto-muslim sleeper", madrassa-gate, Rezko, etc etc. Not to mention that nasty little episode with Bush's lap-dog Harper up north, you really think I don't care about media "negativity"? Or that Obama himself dosen't? Should we all just pretend that politicians are sainted angels, and not ask them anything that might hurt their feelings/chances for election?
    "I'm saying that the disdain for negative politics only seemed to go so far for Obama supporters.
    the media were HORRIBLE to Clinton once it became her versus Obama, and I didn't hear any griping about it from Obamans then."  My reading comprehension is fine, I got your point (and tend to agree with it generally) but once again: Specific Examples! There are some; "pantsuit"-envy, her laugh, the "iron-my-shirt" dumbasses, et al.
      But despite unrelenting MSM interest in everything from Obama's kindergarten essays, to his absentee father's political affiliations, they never seemed to ask any hard questions about Hillary's past, nor about her husband's slimy deals with international figures most of us would find repugnant.
      Honestly, I don't disagree with your premise. The MSM is shite, useless as tits on a bull. But assigning your personally-perceived view of the other candidate's supporters' behavior to ALL of us, as though we we're all complicit in the tragedy of corporate media in America is a bit of a broad brush.
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      You boycott the evil MSM until you start to hear something you agree with? I would never accuse George "little-debate-failure" Stephanopoulos of favoritism, of course, considering his super-tough, hard-hitting 40 minutes of Real Journalism about J. Wright, flag pins, "do you think he loves America as much as you"-blather, but seriously; Sexism is real. It's hurting women every day, and I can understand how pissed off it makes you, but sexism didn't knock Clinton out. Raise your hand if you think Hillary is such a wilting flower that Boys Being Dicks would actually hurt her/knock her out of the race? After the last 16 years?

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      Warner, or McCaskill myself, prolly more McCaskill. She comes off as nice and sweet, but she's not shy about putting the smack-hand down...

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      How come every time I mention anything I think Hillary may have done poorly this primary, even respectfully, I get howled at/deleted, but you think it's OK to refer to me as a cultist? Do you see any "double standard" there? Or is it only bad manners when your candidate is on the the receiving end?

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      I quote:
    "But what is interesting is that the media went after Clinton incredibly viciously, far more viciously and personally than she did with Obama, and they did so on behalf of Obama" I seem to remember alot of MSM blowhards chattering for months about how Hillary was inevitable, unstoppable, "supremely qualified", etc. I remember months of the crypto-neocons over at CNN fluffing her like she was Maggie Thatcher reborn. I also recall an ABC debate that resembled nothing so much as a childish ambush of Obama. To be fair, Tim Russert/Chris Matthews are pigs, and MSNBC hasn't done it's reputation any favors this primary, but nobody lost this race for Clinton but Clinton. She ran an amateurish campaign based on a rose-colored veiw of reality, & she took alot of bad advice from people who were (and are) stupid.
    "A lot of women (in particular) called in to say they had started out supporting Clinton but her "negative" campaign against Obama turned them off so they went over to Obama.
    I've heard this from a lot of Obama supporters."
      And now your're hearing it from another one. I supported Hillary at first (still have my "Hillary in 2008" T-shirt, tyvm), but the 180 switch to smear-n-fear mode after Iowa soured it for me. Spreading BS about Obama's stance on abortion, and fake-crying in public? C'mon! Hillary is better than that! Add to that all the Drudge-supplied crap, and her "misspeaking" (is that like lying? it sure sounded like it.), not to mention the killer (for me, anyway) "John McCain has passed the Commander-in-Chief threshold". The day that fell out of her mouth, considering McSame's position on reproductive rights, she lost my vote. You are of course free to see the race in whatever light you choose, but no one "stole" anything from Hillary. She threw it away all by herself. That said, she gave a hell of a good speech the other day. Reminded me why I liked her in the first place.
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    ...cussing a blue streak when gas went above 50 cents (50 cents!) a gallon. Waayyyyy back in the day, obviously.

  •    A little hint: Don't broadcast the fact that O'Reilly has you on his show if your're posting on MyDD. Also, AEI credits don't really get you alot of love here. Maybe Rush will let you drop by for some bloviating on his radio show sometime. And this is priceless->  "Mr. Salvato is available for public speaking engagements." LOL, that was great, you can't buy comedy like that. Were I you, I'd be saving my pennies and polishing my resume. November is just around the corner....


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