•    I'd be willing to bet that Hagel is top of the short list for SecDef, which suits me fine. I'd love to see Biden or Clark get turned loose on McSame's withered buttocks. I still love Hillary, but she's gonna be much more effective (and have alot more fun scrapping w/ Repugs) as Senate Majority Leader.

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     Team Obama could not have asked for more from you! Ralph Reed?? and could you frakkin' die!? Who's next, Gramps? Jim Bakker? Jimmy Swaggart? Fred Thompson for Veep? You, John, are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Keep up the corporate shilling, bro! DAMN THE INTEGRITY, FULL SPEED AHEAD!

    Obama 08

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       He's got the nuts to hang tough on his POW comments, the Clinton supporters trust him, and he'd be a good, if unorthodox, voice on military matters. Having said that, I wouldn't mnd seeing Sebelius get the nod. She has a good head on her shoulders.

  •   Why don't you slither on back to McBush HQ, and tell them you've been outed. I'm sure they'll have another screen-name for you ASAP. It's about all they do have money for , I hear, hehe

  •   So, a campaign staffer came out and politely tried to move the protesters out of the frakkin driveway?  The place where all the buses would be driving thru? Yah, that's the death of democracy, all right. How many good folks had their democratic rights trampled on in such a horrible fashion there, btw? I counted maybe 10-15. You got yourselves one hell of a groundswell, pal. That was pathetic, seriously.

  • And your proof for this BS allegation? Did you find this on NoQuarter? Were they Hillary supporters, or just Repug strawmen sent to raise a ruckus? It's a shame there's no such thing as a compact, hand-held video recording device that all these "abused" clinton supporters could carry around to document these terrible events. Now, that would be a useful technology, huh?


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       Sadly, I understand this is a fairly common practice with Palestinians "detained" during demonstrations. The rubber-coated bullet smashes the small bones in the feet, making that person unlikely to take part in the running rock vs. machine-gun battles in the future. Pretty sickening, if you ask me.

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       I love it. Every time Gramps opens his mouth, the Dems pick up more votes. Homebrewer has a good point about some of his economic advisers; They seemed fairly smart until this joke. Interesting side-note: McSame looks ghoulish even when he's not in front of a green-screen...

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       Now the "demand" is to have her name put up for nomination. Out of respect, of course. The instant that happens, mark my words, the convention devolves into a floor fight. Her rabid supporters, numerically outnumbered and O-so heartfelt, will grab every spotlight they can, we'll be treated to Slick Willy attempting to wade back into it with his Elder Statesman routine, and they will all do their level best to negate as much post-convention bounce as possible, all with an eye on 2012. I know I'm not the only person here suffering from Clinton exhaustion...

  •    Now, that is an interesting point. I'd like to see some serious scholarly work on the differences between Black/Latino/Anglo childrearing & authority. anyone know of a good resource for that? It always makes me laugh when I hear some middle-class white person get freaked out about "angry" black people, as though the last couple of centuries were just some unfortunate unpleasantness, and we should all just be happy, and play nice now that it's behind us. What could a black person POSSIBLY have to be angry about these days, right?

  •  Hehe, no need to apologize, I prefer people to speak their minds. One of the nicer things about MyDD is that people don't feel the need to sugercoat honest opinions. A couple of good points here-

     "No one expects a male leader to demonstrate any "balance" of "masculine and feminine styles".
    I hadn't really considered that angle. Looking back at it, that is a double standard on my part. Ideally, women shouldn't have to be anyone, or anything, other than themselves in order to be seen as "Leaders", but humans are not ideal creatures. Speaking for myself, I detest the whole swingin' dick, Alpha-male style of management, whether it's coming from a girl or a guy, but I recognize that some executive jobs aren't suited to compassion and compromise. I tend to think the best leaders are the ones who do blend both styles, whether they are male or female. Sometimes you need to listen with open-minded compassion, and sometimes you have to knock heads together.

    I think Gloria Steinem (in the video above) has a good point about the source of the resistance to to the IDEA of women in power on a large scale, resistance from women and men. Maybe it is too easy to hear your mom's voice when a powerful woman speaks, thought that can't be all of it. And I know alot of guys have an unreasonable fear of women in power, which seems to be tied into their own sexual self-image in some weird way. Also, and I hafta point this out, women could really do more to back each other up. I hate to use the term catty, but when it comes to tearing down other females, sometimes girls are frakkin' nasty. I hate to generalize (he says, right before he generalizes) but often, though certainly not always, even males who detest one another will cooperate in pursuit of common goals, or against a perceived common enemy. Women, in my limited observation of such things, seem to be more apt to undercut one another, to break ranks as it were. A limited observation, as I said, but  females DO comprise 51% of the world's population. If they all agreed to pull together, there wouldn't be a damn thing guys could do to stop them. Hell, if they all agreed to cut us off from the nookie for 30 days, they'd rule the world inside of a week (not that I'm reccomending that, mind you; 49% of the world's population begging and blubbering like children would be a sorry spectacle)

    Grassroots, have you ever read "The White Plague" by Frank Herbert? I'd be interested to hear your opinion of that book.

  •   Over the years, I've disagreed with Steinhem on a number of points, but it's always interesting to hear her point of veiw. Cgal, do you think she's right, is there still a built-in bias against females, particularly in leadership roles, here in the US? Being a guy, my perspective is probably skewed on this matter. I've been asking a version of this question with some of my black friends, and I usually get a polite form of "gee, do ya think, white boy?". Leadership/Authority is, at heart, a form of dominance, at least as currently practiced. The females I've seen/read about rising to leadership positions (Elizabeth, Catherine the Great, Thatcher) seem to have had to balance the masculine & feminine styles, if you will. I'm encouraged by the number of strong women characters showing up in Art, and Media (movies- the Alien series - Ripley; The Matrix - Trinity; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, tho it could be argued that wasn't an American film, I think the impact and acceptance it received here was a good sign) Hillary stands out in this area, but there a number of females in executive political positions who seem to be making strides. My hometown (Tampa, FL) has a female mayor, Pam Iorio, who's on her second term, and she's not exactly a wilting flower. Maybe it's just a generational thing, like the poster above said, and all the old-timers will just hafta die off, or drift out of power.

  • ...truly nasty, horrible things have to happen before we, as a species, decide to fix a problem?  It strikes me that the rise in the divorce rate since about 1955, which created alot of single parents, also wound up insuring alot of boys were raised by single moms. They got a first-hand lesson, and acquired an early respect, for female equality. I agree that there were alot of negative social effects of the decline of the "married-for-life, like it or not" nuclear family, but for my part I never thought of women as being "second class". I suppose my (single) mom helped out there, but these last few months have been really confusing, media-wise. Why does a woman being strong, capable, and independent make me less of a man?? Was every guy over 50 raised like that?  I have my differences with Hillary, but they have fuck-all to do with her gender. I'm grateful to her, and Michelle, and Rachel, and hell, even Madonna for getting this ancient cultural relic into the light of day...

  • ...I love the thought of McSame pouring limited funds into what should be "safe" red states. I used to scoff at the idea that Hillary had made Barack "tougher" and "a better campaigner", but goddamn! She sure toughened him up, and made him a hell of a campaigner! Go Dems!

    "The effects of opposition are wonderful. There are men who rise refreshed on hearing a threat-men to whom a crisis which intimidates and paralyzes the majority comes graceful and beloved as a bride."
     -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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      I saw just the last half of RFTWH today, and I thought Rachel was great. Pointed questions that actually adressed what the panel was saying, lively banter (she has a great sense of humor), and the savvy, clear-eyed insights I've come to expect from Rachel. I'd love to see her get that job, she seems to have alot of fun in the round-table format, and she's damn good at it. Plus, it'll give us straight guys a chance to moon over her on a daily basis. Backlash be damned, let's start the web campaign!

    Obama '09


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