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    from the get go, i thought it was a mistake to call it "health care reform". its always been about insurance. needless angst was generated because of that mistake.

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    I think the NSCC's recent treatment of Jim Bunning is indicating some cracks in the clubhouse. They have decided to punt on an old friend after years of yes-man style service.

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    What do you guys think the over/under should be for how many Republican senators vote to approve Sotomayor's nomination?

    I say is should be ±33, but my friends say higher.

    Who is correct?

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    The Cubs' recent problems go much deeper than Lou's lineup card. Look no further than general manager Jim Hendry's offseason destruction of his team by overreacting to their loss to the Dodgers in the 2008 NLDS.

    Trading away team MVP Mark DeRosa, letting 2009 All-Star pitcher Jason Marquis slip away, decimating the bullpen by switching from closer Kerry Wood to Kevin Gregg, bringing in the most cancerous player in MLB Milton Bradley, etc. The list goes on and on.

    I know the Cubs have had injury issues, and I understand that fans like it when GMs make moves to help the team, but all that effort was choked away when they couldn't reach an agreement with the Padres for Jake Peavey. And now the idiot Padres are screwed because Peavey is most likely done for the season before they could trade him.

    This offseason was a catastrophe, and as usual, the Cubs waste another postseason opportunity.

  • HRC is going to look pretty bad-ass with her arm in a sling compared to wimpy-looking ambassadors and other world leaders.

    Bush always looked like a weasly little party boy with that stupid "I'm from Texas" smirk. Condi was known for her figure and fashion, but that's about it.

    You go, girl!

  • Early on, Newt will have the full support of the Faux News Channel. Romney is a little too slick for the populist shmoes who still believe that FNC is a real news source. Repubs still worship Newt's actions to humiliate a sitting Democratic president. His latest comments on Sotomayor feed directly into GOP hatred and frustration. He will become Sean Hannity's favorite candidate.
  • Even if Mitt does somehow figure out a way to get evangelicals on board, I don't believe it can be achieved by 2012. This would be a massive shift in worldview for evangelicals. They've turned their backs on traditional denominations, but they still view them as Christians. The Mormon church is too bizarre for evangelicals to support. Huckabee would crush him again.

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    Pennsylvania is a Blue state. Democrats are the ones keeping this guy in office. Now they are going to sweep him out because he is a Democrat???

    Trying to make Arlen "a better Democrat" is foolhardy. Dems don't need a 100% ideologue. After 2010, we won't need him anyway, as the GOP retirements will ensure.

    Obama wants him around for the specific reason that he isn't an ideologue. What better way to burnish his bipartisan credentials than to flip one of the highest profile senators in the country? It's clear that Obama's election caused this to happen. Why would he turn down such a gift?

    If Sestak is angling for a job in the administration, this is a weird way of going about it.

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    Sestak would crush that lunatic Toomey like a bug. I'd rather have a real Democratic senator than another Joe LIEberman.

  • Here are the possible general election match-ups:

    * Burris 37, Kirk 30, undecided 33.

    * Burris 38, Roskam 25, undecided 37.

    * Schakowsky 36, Kirk 30, undecided 34.

    * Schakowsky 47, Roskam 25, undecided 38.

    * Giannoulis 38, Kirk 30, undecided 32.

    * Giannoulis 38, Roskam 25, undecided 37.

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    Things looking up for Joe Sestak. Turns out that:

    "...former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge (R) listed his residence as Chevy Chase, MD on a recent foreign agents registration filing with the U. S. Department of Justice. He reported he was representing the Government of Albania."

    If it ends up that Pat Toomey does get the nomination, just about anyone could be that lunatic.

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    The GOP doesn't have a realistic chance to take this seat. Mark Kirk wouldn't have changed that. Democrats will take this seat easily with numerous strong candidates: Treasurer Giannoulias, Gov. Quinn, Comptroller Hynes, Rep. Schakowsky, AG Madigan.... Any of them could defeat Kirk.

  • According to some accounts, Mark Penn was unaware that delegates were awarded proportionately in the California primary. Harold Ickes was one of the architects of that system when it was implemented in 1972. It illustrates the horrible lack of internal communication going on within that crew.

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    The straight answer is No. He will pal around just long enough to get elected, then revert to Liebermansian hubris when it comes to votes that count. It will be a thrill ride for him; for awhile. As soon as he is elected, he will make the assumption that he is the new leader of the newly bipartisan Democratic Party.

    Unfortunately for Arlen, the Dems will get their 60 votes in 2010 without him. Between the GOP retirements and open seats, the they will capture a comfortable lead without defectors.

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    No surprise whatsoever. Even Cronyn can't save him now.


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