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    Jerome, The Party created a pre-window period and allowed 4 states -- Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina -- to hold their events in that period in an effort to broaden participation. The DNC granted waivers for 3 of these states to go on different dates (this was done on December 1st of last year) because of actions by other states to violate the rule on timing which caused a leap frogging effect. The DNC was committed to ensuring its goals of regional diversity, racial and ethnic diversity and economic diversity be highlighted in the pre-window period. Disclosure: I work for the Democratic Party
  • I would also make sure you're going to Democrats.org, we don't own democrats.com.

  • Nina,

    I'm looking into the problem, to see if there's something wrong with our system. My password just reset for me but I'll double check, if you want to contact me you can email me at lavasanyk at dnc d org

    Thanks for going through the doc!

    - kombiz

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    Chris, I'll just have to add one more site to my regular viewing once you move on, but good luck and thanks for the memories. Even in the post where you announce you're leaving you must have put in several man hours backtracking your favorite posts, which is a big service. I kept running into old favorites. I've passed around Anti-Labor, Pro-Liberal to a lot of people.
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    The only issue I have with multiple job boards is that until recently we haven't had more than a list (jobsthatareleft) and GAIN. Where possible I'd rather not stratify job and help the ones out there service the movement better.
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    Democratic Gain is a good job bank, is there a way to join it with the widget? The only reason I mention it is that there shouldn't be too many clearinghouses for progressive jobs.
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    Very nicely written Chris. On the money with your analysis.
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    This is a really important message. I wish I was in NYC to see the rally. In NYC, parents and teachers don't have a voice in education. Public Education and the government are strengthened when stakeholders have a voice, imagine if the vets had more voice in the day to day operations of the Walter Reed.
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    Nancy - First off, I'm stoked that you'll be covering the issue for MYDD. Secondly, I think there's really no better way than covering the issue from local perspectives. The hoops workers have to go through to earn some recognition in the work steep as local stories tell you. (The one sad part is that more local reporters aren't writing these stories.)
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    Matt, I think your narrative is fairly compelling but I've been leaning towards seeing Edwards as a candidate with a compelling progressive message. I think part of the issue with the Edwards launch you're alluding to has less to do with the campaign than whomever is running their website. It may be an issue of an accountability with the campaign but I'm not sure it reflects on the overall campaign.
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    Very nicely said Matt. It's important for the progressive movement to fight for the large swath of the electorate that's fighting for a living wage. We also run across many of the same issues with the corporate media.
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    Is part of the reason why Democrats won NH 1st, and why we won seats like IA 2nd (btw, the suggestion that Jim Leach be the UN Ambassador is probably the best idea to come out of the Republican Party this decade), just because the DCCC stayed out?
    I think that's an extremely persistent statement.
  • I didn't give Dean the lions credit of the share, I thought the people he hired early to organize were effective. I don't know how to rebut the two articles without saying that I know they're meaningless. Evan Bayh has always been about Evan Bayh and not much else. I'd love to be proven wrong since I don't really have much against Bayh per se and I'd walk over hot coals for his father but if we use the Warner standard as someone who helped contribute to Dems winning seats, (or aghast even the Vilsack standard in places like IA-01), Bayh would fall short. The real credit goes to the campaigns on the ground.
  • This is for Matt and your comment. If we're talking about Birch Bayh then you're right. Birch works his ass of for Democrats up and down the ballot. Evan Bayh didn't help anyone else get elected in Indiana. Those races were won by the strong ground work of local activists, Deans 50 state program and great candidates running great campaigns in districts that fit the candidates perfectly. I'd be the first to give Evan Bayh credit if he deserved it but he doesn't.
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    Keep warm, man!


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