Our (crafty) Republican Neighbor

Our new neighbor has been fairly nice.  Well, he did borrow a dog, as a cheap security system, when he went on vacation, and left it screaming untended in his empty home for a week.  Plus a few other small things that said "right wing".

But now things are getting out of hand.

It all started when word got out that our Congressman was treating young ladies all over the country to photos of his genitals.  One thing led to another, and suddenly, our district is having a special election tomorrow to vote for an interim Congressman.

OK, so neighbor sticks a sign in his yard for his guy, Turner.  No big deal.  That's his American prerogative.  Mr. Turner, by the way, seems to be gathering steam by scaring the first generation Jews in the area that Welprin (the democrat) is selling out Israel.

Yesterday's flyer from Turner exposed Welprin as being against kicking out the mosque built a few blocks from the WTC.  Perish the thought.

Even though the neighbor is not Jewish, it was no surprise that a big tacky "Turner for Congress" appeared in his yard last week.

Today is the problem.  The one sign wasn't enough.  Our neighbor just stuck ANOTHER huge sign right up against our property.  So it looks like we, too, are retarded lunatics.

I'm heading out to either 1.  put a giant box in our yard that hides his Turner sign; or 2.  put a Welprin sign on said box that will hide his Turner sign.

Then again, I'm toying with the idea of being above all this nonsense, and letting him have his jollies.  Would anybody actually be influenced by 2 yard signs?

Yet again, what if the neighbors actually think WE would vote for a republican.

Oh God, What to do?  Now I'm thinking too much like a . . . a democrat.

OK, even if I don't engage in sign wars, I did propel myself over to the ever panhandling Senator Gillibrand's donation site, and gave what I could.

Put THAT in your craw and smoke it, neighbor.


Amazon Undermining the California Government

Corporations are on a mission to kill off the USA.  

The goal is to impoverish our governing ability by eliminating taxes.  Without monetary resources, our government will have to dismantle its regulatory agencies - such as food inspection. Services like schools, will be stripped away and tossed as spoils to for-profit business. 

In light of this, it would be unconscionable for any responsible American to patronize Amazon.

This hundred billion dollar enterprise is putting its resources into undermining the state of California, specifically to end sales tax.  

According to today's NYT: "if California drops the tax issue for a few years, the retailer says it will build two warehouses in the state and hire 7,000 workers."

"This is a game of chess with ultimately billions of tax revenues at stake across the country <snip>" said Tracy Westen, chief executive for Governmental Studies . . . "


We now make it a point to avoid patronizing companies that use their riches toward weakening our government.




This Obama Lie hurts worst of all

Obama will best be remembered as a professional politician.  The professional politician ("pp") says whatever it takes to win and keep the office.  Like any prostitute, the pp knows that should, God forbid, one start caring about the john, one is starting to lose it.

The "clean energy future" is a case in point.  Words, just obligatory lip service to assure the "progressive" vote.  Nothing in his history to back it, and nothing in his future.

This email from NRDC should never have had to be written:

The State Department is still rushing toward approval of the disastrous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, which would enrich oil companies by transporting the world's dirtiest oil 2,000 miles from Canada to Texas. 

I’m writing today because the time has come to ask President Obama to intervene -- before it’s too late. 

Please send a message to President Obama asking him to kill this dangerous project. 

The pipeline will drive horrific destruction of songbird habitat in the Boreal forest ... rev up excessive global warming pollution ... and threaten the drinking water of millions of Americans with toxic spills. 

The Keystone XL is a fossil fuel nightmare -- NOT the clean energy future that President Obama promised America. 

The President told the American people we’d get a “robust review” of the tar sands pipeline.  This hasn't happened.

We’re not surprised. A robust review would reveal that this entire scheme is a boon to Big Oil and a disaster-in-the-making for everyone else. It would destroy the myth that America needs this pipeline to ensure a supply of “friendly” oil from Canada. 

Bringing more of this “friendly” oil to the U.S. will destroy millions of migratory birds and their ancient forest habitat ... turbo-charge global warming ... raise gas prices in the Midwest ... and stands to poison wildlife habitats and drinking water in the American heartland. 

With friends like that, who needs enemies? 

What’s worse, the tar sands pipeline will practically slam the door on a clean energy future for America. It will lock us into the dirtiest, riskiest, most destructive oil on the planet -- for decades to come. 

Help us prevail on President Obama before it’s too late. Ask him to reject a project that is so clearly against our national interest. 

Tell the President there is no room for the world’s dirtiest oil in our clean energy future! 


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council



HELP Verizon Workers

This morning, I got an email on behalf of the striking Verizon workers.
This part made me sick:

"Despite the fact that Verizon has made $22.5 billion in profits over the last four years, and its top five execs were paid $258 million (and get free healthcare) Verizon wants raise health care costs by up to $6,800 per worker, eliminate compensation for workers injured on the job and slash paid sick leave, outsource more jobs . . . "

To cut to the chase, the city is about to award a $120 million dollar contract to this union busting outfit.

A picket and protest is planned on August 17 at 5pm outside of "the hearing" at Murry Bergtraum High School near City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge.

To anyone in the NY area reading this, please make an effort to participate, or drop by to give a little moral support.

Bonus comment:  what planet is this president living on?





Kick the Rich off Welfare

The right wing constantly rants about public "parasites".

And they are right.  Leaching America of its resources, and giving back nothing is wrong.

So why do Republicans back a free ride for billionaires, and powerful corporations?

Even more puzzling is how the left has been unable to clearly state what is going on, in a way that the average American can understand.

The right is to be commended for hammering its talking points over and over.  Dumb as they may be.   All the left is capable of is muttering some obtuse garble to the right's "end the deficit," then shaking its head.

Why can't democrats simply quote a few choice phrases from Krugman? He clearly states how the republican method will destroy our economy.  And reveals that the right is doing all this in order to end medicare and social security, safety inspection, financial regulation . . .  

Yes, kick the rich off welfare.  And plenty of other simple phrases.

Any ad agency in America could help dems clear up their fuzzy communication.

That they are unable to come up with anything resonant is frustrating.  Not to mention suspect.  Perhaps ending welfare for the wealthy isn't really on the democratic agenda.  For whatever reason.




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