Our (crafty) Republican Neighbor

Our new neighbor has been fairly nice.  Well, he did borrow a dog, as a cheap security system, when he went on vacation, and left it screaming untended in his empty home for a week.  Plus a few other small things that said "right wing".

But now things are getting out of hand.

It all started when word got out that our Congressman was treating young ladies all over the country to photos of his genitals.  One thing led to another, and suddenly, our district is having a special election tomorrow to vote for an interim Congressman.

OK, so neighbor sticks a sign in his yard for his guy, Turner.  No big deal.  That's his American prerogative.  Mr. Turner, by the way, seems to be gathering steam by scaring the first generation Jews in the area that Welprin (the democrat) is selling out Israel.

Yesterday's flyer from Turner exposed Welprin as being against kicking out the mosque built a few blocks from the WTC.  Perish the thought.

Even though the neighbor is not Jewish, it was no surprise that a big tacky "Turner for Congress" appeared in his yard last week.

Today is the problem.  The one sign wasn't enough.  Our neighbor just stuck ANOTHER huge sign right up against our property.  So it looks like we, too, are retarded lunatics.

I'm heading out to either 1.  put a giant box in our yard that hides his Turner sign; or 2.  put a Welprin sign on said box that will hide his Turner sign.

Then again, I'm toying with the idea of being above all this nonsense, and letting him have his jollies.  Would anybody actually be influenced by 2 yard signs?

Yet again, what if the neighbors actually think WE would vote for a republican.

Oh God, What to do?  Now I'm thinking too much like a . . . a democrat.

OK, even if I don't engage in sign wars, I did propel myself over to the ever panhandling Senator Gillibrand's donation site, and gave what I could.

Put THAT in your craw and smoke it, neighbor.


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