Kick the Rich off Welfare

The right wing constantly rants about public "parasites".

And they are right.  Leaching America of its resources, and giving back nothing is wrong.

So why do Republicans back a free ride for billionaires, and powerful corporations?

Even more puzzling is how the left has been unable to clearly state what is going on, in a way that the average American can understand.

The right is to be commended for hammering its talking points over and over.  Dumb as they may be.   All the left is capable of is muttering some obtuse garble to the right's "end the deficit," then shaking its head.

Why can't democrats simply quote a few choice phrases from Krugman? He clearly states how the republican method will destroy our economy.  And reveals that the right is doing all this in order to end medicare and social security, safety inspection, financial regulation . . .  

Yes, kick the rich off welfare.  And plenty of other simple phrases.

Any ad agency in America could help dems clear up their fuzzy communication.

That they are unable to come up with anything resonant is frustrating.  Not to mention suspect.  Perhaps ending welfare for the wealthy isn't really on the democratic agenda.  For whatever reason.



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