HELP Verizon Workers

This morning, I got an email on behalf of the striking Verizon workers.
This part made me sick:

"Despite the fact that Verizon has made $22.5 billion in profits over the last four years, and its top five execs were paid $258 million (and get free healthcare) Verizon wants raise health care costs by up to $6,800 per worker, eliminate compensation for workers injured on the job and slash paid sick leave, outsource more jobs . . . "

To cut to the chase, the city is about to award a $120 million dollar contract to this union busting outfit.

A picket and protest is planned on August 17 at 5pm outside of "the hearing" at Murry Bergtraum High School near City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge.

To anyone in the NY area reading this, please make an effort to participate, or drop by to give a little moral support.

Bonus comment:  what planet is this president living on?





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