Amazon Undermining the California Government

Corporations are on a mission to kill off the USA.  

The goal is to impoverish our governing ability by eliminating taxes.  Without monetary resources, our government will have to dismantle its regulatory agencies - such as food inspection. Services like schools, will be stripped away and tossed as spoils to for-profit business. 

In light of this, it would be unconscionable for any responsible American to patronize Amazon.

This hundred billion dollar enterprise is putting its resources into undermining the state of California, specifically to end sales tax.  

According to today's NYT: "if California drops the tax issue for a few years, the retailer says it will build two warehouses in the state and hire 7,000 workers."

"This is a game of chess with ultimately billions of tax revenues at stake across the country <snip>" said Tracy Westen, chief executive for Governmental Studies . . . "

We now make it a point to avoid patronizing companies that use their riches toward weakening our government.




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