• Don't let the CTA and Jack O'Connell mislead you.

    If Prop 8 fails, children will HAVE to be taught about gay marriage in public schools starting as young as first grade. There will be no choice.

    Here's exactly what will happen if Prop 8 fails.

    The courts (or lawsuits from the ACLU or gay groups) will require that state education guidelines be changed so they'll conform to state law, which mandates acceptance of gay marriage, probably within the next year.

    As the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jack O'Connell will then be forced to rewrite the state education guidelines to provide instruction on gay marriage whether he likes it or not. If he doesn't, the courts will make him or he'll be sued.

    Then, local school districts will have to rewrite their own guidelines to conform to the new state guidelines. They'll have to whether they like it or not. They'll have no choice.

    And, when it's all done, children will be taught to accept gay marriage in elementary school. Whether it's done under the guise of "Diversity Training" or "Health Education," the schools will have no choice but to teach acceptance of gay marriage. That's just unacceptable to most parents.

    So, the CTA and Superintendent O'Connell are simply not telling the whole truth when they say Prop 8 won't affect education. It's inevitable that it will if Prop 8 fails. It already happened in Massachusetts just that way.

    That's why I'm voting 'Yes' on Prop 8. We need to restore the traditional meaning of marriage and not let it be deconstructed like this.


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