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    Only in the Bush administration would someone like Coburn be yelled at for not being right enough.

    Meh, maybe I should start deleting bookmarks and trying to stop keeping up on things like this.  We had the highest energy and most turn-out ever and got our asses handed to us.  I don't see what even pretending anymore is going to do at this rate aside from just getting our hopes up.

    Especially because absolutely none of the youth vote we were counting on actually showed up, even with the highest zeal in recent memory.  Good luck stopping the right with this air of despair and dejection that I know I'm not the only person who feels.

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    No one was even mentioning New Mexico in this entire race, as everyone was expecting it to be one of the boring "All the incumbents get re-elected in a landslide" states.

    What you guys don't know is that Richard Romero (D) ALMOST picked off ice-queen Heather Wilson (R)(I).

    It didn't happen, but it was close.

    But...it didn't happen, so I guess this message doesn't really have a point.

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    You mentioned Santorum vs. McConnel, but based on the things he said in his "Congratulations, you just won" interview last night, Coburn looks to be a real winner.  Unless I'm thinking of DeMint.  I get them confused, but I'm thinking the one who was under investigation for sterilizing a woman against her will and spent most of his interview bitching about gays.
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    By the way, I think http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2004/pages/results/ballot.measures/ is about the single most depressing thing I've ever seen.
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    Unfortunately, nothing says "Keep fighting" and "Keep organized" quite like amassing the single largest effort ever and not even being able to defeat George W. Bush.

    I saw the exit polls on CNN that basically said the youth turnout was practically identical to 2000.  Want to know why we were shattering records for registration just in time to get whomped?  Because those newly registered stayed home, apparently.

    I felt...betrayed when I heard that, quite honestly.  Not by the commendable people trying to get these people to vote (hey, my sister did major GOTV drives in New Mexico,) but by the people who apparently couldn't be bothered even after all our hard work.

    Everyone kept saying that the 18-24 demographic would end up deciding our next President.  In a way, I guess they did.

    It's sickening.

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    Well what are we supposed to do about that?  Stop championing science and liberty to try to pander to them?  I see that the modern-day-incarnate Creationists do have the power to shut everything down, yes.  But there's only so much you can do to play around that without completely abandoning what makes people like me find the Democrats worth supporting over the Republicans.

    Nice to know a full-fledged theocracy isn't far off, by the way.

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    I'm not conceding yet...I don't feel good about Ohio, honestly, and in the end I regretfully thing Bush will get his four more years.  But I guess I'm holding out hope, maybe a miracle will occur...probably not.  "Maybe/Probably not/but I still have to hope" is basically my mindset right now.

    Still, I want to know.  What happened to the obscene tail-kicking Bush was supposed to get?  311-227?  Upsets in Arkensas?  Missouri?  Colorado?

    Guys, I'm not challenging the integrity of your predicting or anything.  I'm not saying "You lied to me, I'm not listening to you anymore."  But I just want to know, so I feel better and more confident before I latch on to your "2006 starts today" mindset.  Someone please, just tell me what  went wrong.  I want to know what happened to 2004 before 2006 starts.

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    In other words, they go Republican?
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    No, I don't mean that in the cynical "I want this to end so I won't be bombarded with ads and crap" way that many Americans seem to be thinking.

    I mean that I can't wait for the election results to come in, the dust to settle, and to see two men--John Kerry and John Edwards--as our newly elected President and Vice President.

    It has been stressful, but noble, and an honor to come this far.  I can't wait for the finishing blow to come to the Bush/Cheney legacy, and I from the bottom of my heart thank the selfless volunteers who have and will make it happen.

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    All I know is that the house in New Mexico seems to be pretty safe.  At least I don't think Heather Wilson or Tom Udall are going anywhere, but I forget what's up with the third guy we have.  He's probably safe too, as an election that's even slightly more interesting than "Incumbent will get re-elected by a landslide" would have made headlines by now.
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    Kerry - 277
    Bush - 261

    I don't trust Florida, even if we are ahead there, becuase of all the legal tricks Bush can pull.  I also conceded Iowa as it looks a little too close for comfort there.  This score assumes Kerry takes Ohio, keeps all the midwestern states (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan,) and takes New Mexico.

  • And the Boston Red Sox won, too.

    It may not mean anything, but maybe it will at least make Football Fans for Truth shut up for a while.

  • Hey, I'll take it.  Especially because now either Kerry wins or an over-eighty-year-old tradition dies.  Either way, something big happens.  I'll much prefer the former, of course, but...you know.
  • I wasn't aware of any part of the superstition that ties the result of the game to the result of the election other than who wins.  IE, I don't think a scarily close victory on one field is necessarily supposed to translate to a scarily close victory on the other.  I think it's just that if all is said and done and the smoke clears and one team is ultimately on top, so is their candidate.
  • From what I'm told, Favre has a reputation for throwing interceptions.

    Going into this game, my dad (huge Packers fan) told me that it was going to come down to Washington's offense vs. Green Bay's defense, which could possibly suck more.  As for the other way around, don't expect to see it much as Favre doesn't like holding onto the ball for more than a couple downs or so.

    Nice to see that it looks like we'll win even if that turned out to be essentially correct.


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