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    I'd  like to see similar results in NC.  The only thing better would be a win for HRC  in NC and IN.

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    New Hampster
    I've been reading your on the ground reporting diaries all weekend and they've been great.  I hope you have a trip planned for Indiana and/or NC, so I can feel like I'm there.  Thanks again for your passion and your effort on Hillary's behalf.
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    Well done Teresa.  I love reading about the door to door canvassing from people who are passionate enough to leave their busy lives and go out and try to make a difference by  advocating for the candidate they believe will make a difference.  Thanks a lot and good luck.  I really want Hillary to take it in a big way on Tues. and every day after that.

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    Great diary Texas Darlin.
    My Hillary story.

    So my Repub husband was looking at our account (which he never does) and saw a particular debit.

    Repub husband (who I think hates Hillary):  I noticed you made a certain payment.

    Me:  Laughter

    Repub Husband:  I thought we agreed that we wouldn't make financial contributions to politicians (He basically thinks both parties and pols are swimming in it an don't need our money).

    Me:  But, it's not just any politician, it's Hillary.  She needed to reach her $3 million in three days.

    Repub husband:  Shakes his head mutters something about unreal and ridiculous, but no further comment.

    So that's me, busted on my first foray into donating to a political candidate, but it was worth it.

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    If only more voters were paying attention to the facts and not the hype, but I don't think that's the case.  Props to Obama, he and his campaign are superb at selling the hype.

  • Try the Democratic Party, and should the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, decide through their votes that they want her as their candidate, then you deal with it.  Either you decide to vote for the party and not the candidate (which is what I will do if Obama is the nominee), sit it out like a sore loser, vote 3rd Party, or vote Repub.  You have many options available to you.

  • you're an ass.

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    Last night was Obama night in Georgetown as well.  They (almost all college age students) were out with Obama signs on all the main corners.  I've also only heard Obama on the music station I listen to occasionally.  The radio ad falls in line with the hope, dream, believe, unite theme of the Obama campaign.

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    I heard part of it before going to bed and I thought it was really churlish.  I couldn't understand why he was being so aggressive in what was suppose to be an encouraging rah-rah for his supporters.  He likes to claim he is being misquoted by Hillary, yet he has always mis-stated her position on meeting with the "enemy" if you will, and nobody calls him on it.

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    This is awful.

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    Thanks for the heads up.  I haven't been watching TV lately and wouldn't have known but for this great diary.  I will certainly recommend it.

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    Clinton Dynasty bad-Kennedy Dynasty good.

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    Well mainelib, Hillary's competence is an inspiration to me.  The fact is she doesn't need to inspire people to do things, if she has a plan, then she can get competent people to execute.   What is Obama going to do with those who aren't inspired by him.  We all know that in 1993 the situation was very different than it was now. So let's not look  back with that perfect 20/20 hindsight and blame only Hillary for the debacle.  You may want to take a look at that flyer Obama sent out about healthcare, fliers and commercials like those were a big part of why her plan failed in 1993, and he apparently wants it to fail in 2008 as well.  As far as I can tell, instead of rolling up his sleeve, Obama is planning on rolling over on healthcare and SS all in the hope of unity. I'll take the doer every time.

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    If the debate gave her a bump, I hope the repeat this Sunday on CNN gives her a continued bump.  This combined with her national town hall Mon should help.  I'm really glad she had the chance to debate one on one with Obama, because the issues dominated and she dominated the issues.

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    That is so right gladiatorstail, if she wins it will be inspite of the the Dem establishment and the media.  She is way smarter and whenever they are side by side it shows she has breadth and depth on almost all of the issues.  I have just about stopped watching the media circus and reading the blog circus around Obama.  If he wins the nomination, I'll  vote for him, but it will only be because he has a (D) after his name and not because of any type of inspiration.


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