Dowd angry that Obama is paying off Clinton's debt

Maureen Dowd, under fire from her own newspaper for her "endless assault" against Hillary Clinton, made three interesting points in tonight's column:

1) There was no unity in "Unity" because a lady named Carmella yelled "We want Hillary!"

"We want Hillary!" screamed the 57-year-old retired ad saleswoman and Clinton delegate.

2) Bill Clinton, according to Dowd's evidence-free mind-reading skills, is "trying to shake down Obama for more -- more apologies for perceived snubs and more help paying off the $22 million Clinton debt." 

Endless hours were spent analyzing the shade of her pantsuit and his matching tie. Was it powder blue? Cornflower blue? Peacock blue? Cerulean?

3) The media overhyped the Unity gathering. Dowd even criticizes the media for over-stressing Clinton's pantsuit color and Obama's tie. The hypocrite pretends never having scrutinized with microscopic precision the clothes worn by Al Gore, Howard Dean's wife, etc.

Remember this?
In worn jeans and old sneakers, the shy and retiring Dr. Judith Steinberg Dean looked like a crunchy Vermont hippie, blithely uncoiffed, unadorned, unstyled and unconcerned about not being at her husband's side -- the anti-Laura.

Dowd's modus operandi consists of one anti-Republican piece followed by 10 anti-Democratic ones, of which 9 are anti-Clinton. She is that predictable. But it's an effective strategy, in that it makes some state, "See, she hates everybody!" n/29dowd.html?hp

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Re: Dowd angry that Obama is paying off Clinton's

Dowd, angry?!

by Whash 2008-06-28 08:14PM | 0 recs
Re: Dowd angry that Obama is paying off Clinton's




by mistersite 2008-06-28 08:31PM | 0 recs

good catch today on how Obama is performing compared to Kerry in Texas at this point.  I posted a diary about how they compared.  I'd be interested in your thoughts.

by Blazers Edge 2008-06-28 08:22PM | 0 recs
dowd is a douche.

by canadian gal 2008-06-28 08:32PM | 0 recs
Re: dowd is a douche.

she is addicted to the attention her tantrums attract, sad...

by zerosumgame 2008-06-28 08:34PM | 0 recs
Re: Dowd angry

I used to admire her a long,long time ago.

Sigh,the admiration eventually died off as she became more and more the Joan Rivers of the journalist set.

by GeeMan 2008-06-28 08:46PM | 0 recs
Re: Dowd angry

Meh, I never liked her, and she never changed.  

by Brandon 2008-06-28 08:53PM | 0 recs
Re: Dowd angry that Obama is paying off Clinton's

Why couldn't any of us have this job?

by rfahey22 2008-06-28 08:59PM | 0 recs

She is actually a good, interesting writer, as witnessed by the fact that we are talking about her, its just the content is usually off the mark.

by Brandon 2008-06-28 09:01PM | 0 recs
Dowd angry? So are the Obama supporters

While many here may not like Dowd simply because she is not/did not support Clinton, she has been an equal oppourtuinty offender. She has taken on Clinton, Obama and McCain at different times.
She has not been kind to any of the 3 and has brought up McCains age, Obama's blackness and Hillary's gender to the detriment of all.

In todays column she is voicing the anger than many feel regarding paying off Hillary's bills. Many people in this country feel that the numbers told the story months before she listened and that she used that time to damage the Democratic nominee. Now she wants his help, in return for her support, to pay her self incurred debts.

So much has been posted/said about the anger that the Hillary supporters feel because she lost but very little is said about the anger the Obama supporters feel over the one issue that Dowd has pointed out today. The Obama supporters are suppose to stiffle those feelings of anger and not speak about them because it hurts the Hillary supporters feelings and further damages the cause of unity but the anger lingers...just as the Clinton supporters anger lingers...Today? Dowd pointed out the anger that is being brushed under the carpet.

by Grissom1001 2008-06-28 09:58PM | 0 recs
Re: Dowd angry? So are the Obama supporters

so far from what ive seen you've been pretty good at expressing your anger here grissom.

your messaging has been crystal clear.

by canadian gal 2008-06-28 10:32PM | 0 recs
Dowd angry? So are the Obama supporters

Yes, I agree I've been pretty honest in my anger thugh it pales in comparision to some.

Another difference with my anger? I choose to ignore it. I have donated twice now to Hillary's capaign debt and have sigbed petitions to have her as the VP.

by Grissom1001 2008-06-29 01:29AM | 0 recs
I don't read Dowd anymore

I stopped a couple of months ago.  But this Hillary debt issue has bothered me too.  Mark Ambinder reported on the discussions between Hillary fund raisers and Obama.  Here's what Ambinder said:

After The Press Leaves, Some Edgy Questions

26 Jun 2008 10:13 pm

Barack Obama drew his biggest cheers of the night when he vowed to help Hillary Clinton pay off her campaign debt. The pooler was ushered out of the meeting room where about 200 of Clinton's top donors -- those who had raised a combined $230m -- had gathered to watch the Democratic nominee try to build a bridge.

But a few minutes later, a few, less happy donors asked pointed questions. According to someone in the room, one Clinton donor asked Obama directly whether he was going to add her to the ticket as his vice presidential nominee. Even Sen. Clinton looked uncomfortable, gesturing to Obama to move on, which he did.

A second question was edgy: would Obama accept a roll call vote at the convention? Obama responded judiciously, according to the participant, saying, "Hillary and I are going to negotiate this thing and talk about it, and obviously we're going to do what is right for the party. We're all going to make sure we agree."

Clinton supporters raised three issues: (1) Clinton's debt, (2) Clinton as VP and (3) The first ballot.  For me, holding a real vote is pretty important.  It sets a terrible precedent to go straight to vote by acclamation.  The potential for abuse is huge.  Pressing Obama on the VP is fair game.  Clinton came in a very close second.  Obama needs to show some respect for that.

But why would her supporters be angry with Obama about the debt?  If every person who voted for Clinton put in 50 cents, it would be taken care of.  This one I didn't get.

For me, this was a huge wasted opportunity.  What Clinton supporters should be demanding of Obama right now, first and foremost, should be issues of substance.  Acknowledgment of Clinton as a force in the Party.  Acknowledgment of Clinton as a leader.  Acknowledgment of the sexism used against her by his own supporters.  Why would they waste this moment to grovel about money?

by dbrown04 2008-06-29 04:13AM | 0 recs
All good points

and ones that I agree with but so many who claim they are angry over Hillary not winning don't seem to care that:
A. She has ask that they switch their support to Obama as she has done.
B. They seem to reach for excuses to not support Obama and come up with some of the most inane examples.
C. Many honestly appear to feel that Hillary did not wrong during this campaign and that everything that has been done to Hillary was either by Barack or he supported it without holding Hillary's feet to that same fire.

I do not agree with paying back her campaign debt. People point out that this is common but this was not a common campaign. She continued after all hope was lost and it became symbolic.
It is what it is though and if my candidate asks me to do this I am going to simply because I feel that this is one of the ways we can help as you pointed out. It is one of the things they are demanding.

I just feel that under all the anger and griping that it just lost that the Obama supporters deserve a little respect also and it is hardly anywhere to be found. We appear to be punished because we won.

by Grissom1001 2008-06-29 05:07AM | 0 recs
She has to be ignored

Dowd = a scumbag worthy of scum.

by optimisticBoy 2008-06-28 10:40PM | 0 recs
Re: Dowd angry that Obama is paying off

I have never forgiven Dowd for her comments on JREs haircut smear.

by Spanky 2008-06-29 05:48AM | 0 recs
Dowd's angry Clinton didnt win

thereby denying Dowd 8 years of weekly material.  She knows she can't write about Obama and so, she's pissed and self-pitying.

by dcrolg 2008-06-29 08:01AM | 0 recs
How Obama is paying off Clinton's debt?

I don't see any money transfer, so what are you talking about? Words are not money...

by engels 2008-06-30 03:37AM | 0 recs


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