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    These are no brainers because the answer to both endorsements is an emphatic "NO" from me.

    Dean can't change the system if he's part of it.  He's much more effective agitating from the outside.  If the establishment couldn't stomach him as a presidential candidate, they won't accept him as DNC chair.

    The only way I want to see McAwful is strung up on a tree.  He was such a miserable failure as DNC chair (except in fundraising) that I would rather see him gone from the scene.

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    These data need to be collected and reviewed to help determine the 'value' of a Dean Dozen endorsement.  I won't deny that candidates get a lift in their visibility and contributions by virtue of the fact they're being recognized by Howard Dean.

    I vastly prefer it to anecdotal information.

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    what he wanted most, was to not give the speech that everyone else was giving

    I really wish he had tossed aside the script, said screw it, and spoke from the heart.  After all he's done for Kerry, what were they going to do to him if he didn't follow the script?

    All that talk about giving Dean credit it is just that, lip service.  DNC doesn't get it at all.

    And I do not want him to end up in a Kerry cabinet.  He needs to stay on the outside so he can be a pain in Kerry's ass when the time comes.  Which, I figure, will be about 6 months after Kerry takes office.


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