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    Optics has never been Obama's strong point.

  • I'm shocked that Obama campaign or any Democratic campaign would engage in such pettiness and silliness.

    I'm not. Obama ran a very dirty campaign through surrogates so he could keep his hands clean.

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    Actually it does if you live in Virginia, which I guess you don't.

    McDonnell is a horrible choice for governor.  Too bad the Democrats had a horrible candidate; it's like having no choice at all.

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    Deeds won the primary on the strength of the Washington Post editorial page endorsement. There was no way in hell the Post would endorse McAuliffe or Moran so they ended up endorsing Deeds.

    At this point I am really wishing Moran were the nominee.  Deeds is such a disappointment.

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    What?  His first major move after leaving the DNC was to sign on to a speaking bureau, make some speeches and start his gig with CNBC/MSNBC.  

    Dean never left.

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    What kind of help?  So far, the kind of help Obama has given in the past has been minimal.  Will he be campaigning in person for Dodd?  Or just cutting a radio ad?

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    Howard Dean was not hired as a result of any petition. Negotiations were in progress long before then. It was suggested to Dean after he appeared on CNBC from Darvos that he'd be a good commentator,so he pursued the idea. I'm surprised Sam Stein didn't know that.

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    Howard Dean is there, too.

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    $700 Billion?  Where have I heard that number before?

    Now, I remember...

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    "Civic minded blue blood"?  It's not like he's got an inheritance waiting for him.  

    I stand by my position: He won't take the job.

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    No.  It's a low profile, low impact job.  

    Besides, Dean just signed on with a speaker's bureau and is consulting with DFA and with McKenna Long & Aldridge here in DC.  He can make significantly more dollars doing that stuff than he can as surgeon general.

    Besides, you're relying on a newswire report that quotes CNN quoting an anonymous White House source.  Please.

    There are numerous manipulative and distorting effects from having government officials make pronouncements while remaining anonymous, one of the most significant of which is that there is no accountability whatsoever when they make false or misleading statements.

    It would be worthwhile to read what both Glenn Greenwald and Paul Krugman had to say today about anonymous sources.

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    As for Kaine, considering he made a career out of spewing weak red state Dem "can't we all get along" rhetoric, I was dubious how he would step into a partisan cheerleader role as head of the DNC. Turns out he's taking to it quite well.

    One data point is not a trend.  It's one statement.  Let's see how well he does once he's no longer governor.

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    I agree with Jane Hamsher who called the piece a "5200 word lap dance."  Rahm probably figured it was time to leak some good PR about himself for a change.

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    I'm supporting Moran in the primaries but NLS took a cheap shot at Creigh Deeds.  Here's the full quote in context (emphasis mine):

    "The power has shifted," he says. "Rural legislators ruled the roost for so long. But the idea that the power is still in the rural areas is nonsense. Most of the state is suburbia now. It's like 'Of Mice and Men,' where you have this big mentally handicapped guy who didn't realize all the power he really had. Fairfax has 14 percent of Virginia's population but pays 28 percent of the state's income tax."

    Of course, all candidates have to make sympathetic noises toward Northern Virginia as its voters play an ever more decisive role in statewide elections. But Deeds says he's taking the next step, teaching the rest of the state that the Washington suburbs pay for a disproportionate share of the state's services.

    "I tell my constituents, if you aren't willing to help Northern Virginia now, how are they going to want to help you later?" For example, he says, the formulas that govern how road and school money gets distributed must be changed.

    As a NoVA resident, I could have done without the Mice & Men analogy, however Deeds is right in sticking up for us.  Richmond is happy to take our tax dollars but God forbid we get anything back proportionate to what we give.

    Now if only the robocalls would stop for tomorrow's Board of Supervisors election.  

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    Add me to the nonbelievers of Obama's "outrage."  Too bad Obama and Chris Dodd didn't do anything about it sooner.

    However, here is what you didn't hear from either President Obama or Senator Dodd as they blasted the bonuses: legislation they are blocking makes it possible to retroactively strip those bonuses. Two weeks ago, the House passed legislation, Finance Chair Barney Frank's HR 384, which retroactively strips recipients of bailout money from receiving bonuses [...]

    This legislation was passed by the House only eight days ago, over the objections of all but 18 House Republicans. It is still be possible for Senate Democrats to pass a mirror to HR 384, and send it to President Obama's desk. In fact, such a bill would have to first be passed through the Banking Committee, chaired by Senator Dodd. Further, if Democratic Senators were urged to pass this legislation by the Obama administration, it is likely that such legislation could be passed next week, given the massive influence President Obama has with Senate Democrats. And then, poof, the excesses of the bonuses would be solved.

    However, as reported on multiple occasions on Open Left, this simply isn't happening. Instead of passing this law, and stopping the bonuses, Senator Dodd and White House NEC chair Larry Summers simply exchanged letters of assurance. They could have stripped these bonuses, but they themselves chose not to do so.

    McCaskill's bill doesn't go far enough.


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