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    Hey, support for my guy and opposition to the kind of backroom unity drek that gave Kerry the nod!  

    Unity's for after the election.  Yes, let's keep the gloves on, but let's have a nice solid campaign.  If Trippi and the Clark folks can come out for Rosenberg, the Florida delegation can come out for dean.

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    A few thoughts:

    1. No way this country elects a woman President who isn't a conservative Republican.  It's a sad truth, but the Republicans are going to have to break hearts on this one, just like the Conservatives did in Britain.

    2. Senator Clinton has ample legislative experience, but her administrative experience -- the travel office, the health care plan, etc. -- has been terrible.  There's no particular reason to think that she'd be a good President, other than the fact that, like tens of thousands of other Americans, she's smart, well-informed, and a basically decent person.  It does, however, take more than that to be a good President.

    3. She voted for the war.

    It'd have to be a pretty damn thin field for me to even consider voting for Senator Clinton.
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    But the DNC chair represents the whole party, not just Deaniacs.

    Ah, but he or she should represent the Deaniacs, rather than enrage them, as well.

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    As a heavy Dean volunteer during the Primaries, I felt personally betrayed by how bad the television ads were and how poorly organized Iowa was.  Both of these were Trippi's fault,* and so while I definitely recognize Trippi's major successes, I find his endorsement for a position which is centered around media and field to be something less than perfect.  I would've liked to have him on board, but it wouldn't have been a big deal there either.

    *to a greater or lesser extent

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    Right, but part of the lefties sticking together is the existence of an actual left-of-center umbrella group of some sort.  If our leadership fails, we will suffer dispersal until new leadership arises.  Way of the world.
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    In 1992, the Democratic Party held the Presidency, the House of Representatives, and the Senate.  In 2004, our minority status was thoroughly confirmed.  What will you do to simultaneously advocate for our shared values and lay the groundwork for success starting in 2006?

    (This is left open on purpose so that people can claim we need to be Republican lites and we can reject them and so people can ignore voting irregularities so we can reject them.)


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