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    because liberalism has become a dirty word.

    Well, y'all certainly are doing your level best to keep it that way.  You don't like liberals, there's a Party that agrees with you.  If you're willing to work with liberals on common goals, there's a Party with a lot of room for you.  

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    The Religious Right doesn't expect its Party to get anything done for them; it expects its Party to fight really hard.  Which it did.  This will fuel feelings of fundie victimhood for decades to come -- if you thought the Republicans were batshit before, wait until you see what comes next.
  • Um, that's as may be, but the fact of the matter is that the US has successfully massively invested in both education and physical capital, so our workers are far more productive than many workers overseas.  So, yeah, if we have a level playing field, US workers are going to make a lot more than workers in other countries, because they produce a lot more.
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    If I were Assad, I'd be s***g bricks, looking at those charts.
  • If you look at the numbers, they're absolutely awful.  They really make no sense at all.  I don't want to tangentialize this thread, but as someone who studies economics, I can tell you that their metrics for generousity are nonsensical.
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    the blog community and the DLC are both working for a Democratic majority.

    Basically, I'm attacking the DLC because I don't think the DLC is working for a democratic majority, and I do think the blog community is.

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    The best way to see history in the making -- a Libertarian President -- is for both Parties to nominate female candidates.

    This country doesn't elect a female President in 2008.

    Anyway, this is all academic, since:

    Senator Clinton's record is not inspiring and her resume is not particularly strong, and

    It's silly to talk about elections in 2008 while Diebold counts the votes.  As my grandmother once said, "If the scorekeeper loses, it's his own damn fault."

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    Yeah, as part of an overall strategy to push for, in the long term, some kind of sensible Federal guidelines, this is the only thing that makes sense.

    Still leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.  We should probably at least introduce the Federal legislation concurrently.

  • What they said.  
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    I have to disagree for one sad and cynical reason:

    This country does not elect a left-of-center woman to the Presidency.  Maybe in my lifetime, but not now.

    I wish it weren't so, but it is.

    That said, I don't like Hillary for President because of the combination of her lack of personal administrative experience and the dynastic reasons discussed above.

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    It wasn't a terrible piece.  I cringed when I saw the headline, but was pleasantly surprised.
  • Trust me, the Kossacks who actually spend the time and the money are far more reasonable and sensible than the howling mob.
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    The Hawai'i delegation is waiting for the Western Conference Meeting Thingy, whereupon they'll meet, greet, and make up their separate minds.
  • Which of Dean's positions are "extreme left"?
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    I'm pretty sure that getting a civil unions bill passed and creating socialized health care for children aren't on the DLC ranch.

    I agree that Dean is centrist on the environment and fiscally responsible almost to a fault -- and his position on guns is a bit to the right of the Democratic center.  But he offers a lot, policy-wise, to progressives as well.


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