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    "Certainly can't do anything WORSE than what Republicans have done,"

    That's the problem -- they can.  If the Dems take control of the House or the Senate, and then do nothing with it, we've lost what little status we have as an opposition party.  Torture as US policy passing with a Republican House, Senate, and President is bad.  Torture as US policy passing with a Democratic House or Senate is even worse.

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    This is what I need.  

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    1) The Republicans still count the votes; a lot of races are going to be within the 5% necessary for them to throw them to their own candidates.

    2) There is no indication whatsoever that a Democratic win will do anything other than make the Party complicit in Republican thuggishness.  I honestly have no idea why one would celebrate a Democratic takeover of the House or Senate under current circumstances; since Bush's insanity regularly passes with large majorities, and since, based on their questioning of Roberts and Alito, those Dems charged with oversight are stupid, venal, and weak, all a Dem victory does is spread the blame around.

    There's no point in winning when you can't do anything with it.  I'm staying home this November, for the first time in my life.

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    1) We're not going to have the power to pass anything over Bush's veto.

    2) The fantasy that the Party of caving on Iraq, tax cuts, Alito, habeas corpus, torture, the Bankruptcy Bill, and the PATRIOT Act will suddenly grow a spine is laughable.  If the Dems take the House, they'll muddle around, terrified of their own shadows, until they are made to look as weak as they are.

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    Philam hits the nail on the head here; Case isn't really progressive enough for the Democratic base, but Akaka hasn't been particularly effective.  Hence the ambivalence.

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    As long as our voting machines remain black boxes, Rove has a shot.

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    "principled conservatives"


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    I feel that while sending money to individual candidates, rather than the DSCC, may make a lot of sense, the DNC and its leadership are most definitely on our side in this thing and need to be supported.

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    I'm comfortable with a big tent; I'm not thrilled about the folks who think that their place in the tent is more important than the existence of the tent.
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    If Bush puts Rice in as VP, the Republican Party is in the minority for twenty years.  No way they keep the South after putting an African-American woman into a real position of power.
  • For residents of the continental US, the threat was pretty . . . remote?

    Not really; the Japanese would have considered an attack on San Diego to be a military necessity, given its status as a major US base.  

  • Most people who are intelligent, well-liked, and educated enough to make good governors will have job opportunities with much less work and much higher salaries available to them.  I mean, yeah, it's supposed to be public service, but if adding $50k to the governor's salary gives him/her enough money to buy the good scotch, and as a result, we get a single improved decision that saves us the governmental pocket change of a million dollars, that's a pretty good investment.

    We're not talking about CEO compensation here.  Let's pay people vaguely what they're worth.  

  • I can't help but think the lack of response from the netroot community to this letter is, in part, if not totally, due to people's residual anger at Kerry.

    Good call.  I expect him to pursue this with the same directness, vigor, and unapologetic advocacy which characterized his Presidential campaign.

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    Is another "I'm a Democrat, And I'm Sorry" Dem.  

    I'm happy he's running; hopefully his candidacy will give the DLC something to talk about other than how bad the Democratic Party is.  

  • It will be (3), because the Party leaders are very badly wrong about where to lead the Party, they are not willing to concede this fact, and they put their power struggles ahead of the future of the Party.

    Let me put it this way:  Do you EVER see Dean criticizing Biden by name?  Or Lieberman?  Who's the team player here?


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