the big Clinton Right-wing Double Down

The Clinton campaign has run a gambit since Pennsylvania.

They've found a strategy and they've doubled down.

After Pennsylvania, the press, the pollsters and the pundits started talking about "white working class voters" and the Clinton campaign ran with it. After Pennsylvania, the press, the pollsters and the pundits ran another cycle of Rev. Wright's rants and the Clinton campaign ran with it.

So, in anticipation of Indiana and North Carolina, Clinton doubled down.

Clinton pandered on a gas tax and on guns. She reaffirmed her talk about "obliterating Iran." She expressed "outrage" about Rev. Wright on Bill O'Reilly's show. She lambasted economists as elitist. She vilified Wall Street as if she and Bill had never met or taken a dollar from anyone who worked for Bear Stearns or Morgan Stanley.

The Clinton campaign has triangulated to such an extent that, at this point, she is running to the right of Joe Lieberman.

That's saying something.

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970 agents of change

I was sitting taking a break from phonebanking for Barack Obama today and had a great conversation with Fred Feller, a recently elected national delegate for Obama from CA-09.

Fred won election to go to Denver here in CA-09 last Sunday at a caucus held at Beebe Memorial Church on Telegraph Avenue about a mile from my house in Oakland.

970 of us showed up to vote in that caucus last Sunday. I was a volunteer working the out information and making sure things ran smoothly...and so I had the chance to speak with almost every last one of those voters.

Fred won enough votes to be an Obama delegate to Denver. Like the other delegates chosen, he will do Obama proud, and I was really pleased to see him taking his Saturday afternoon to call Pennsylvania with about thirty other volunteers at the campaign offices of Congresswoman Barbara Lee...

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California Democratic Party Convention: San Jose

Some good links to liveblogs of the CDP convention - Todd

I know that the Texas action this weekend garnered more national attention that us Democrats "west of the west"...but I'd like to point your attention to some of the great live blogging happening at Calitics covering the California Democratic Party Convention.

(Todd Beeton's here, btw, and we had a great visit and wide-ranging and friendly discussion last night at Drinking Liberally here in San Jose.)

Here's some of the links you should check out from the CA convention...

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why the strike failed

With all due respect to those who left and joined Alegre in "the Strike" against that website, the evidence shows that the strike has failed.

There's a very simple and fundamental reason why the strike failed.

That reason has nothing to do with traffic, nothing to do with proving one side or the other "more" hostile or unfair, and nothing  to do with the future blogging careers or credibility of those involved.

The strike was bad blog politics and bad blog strategy.

Let me explain why...

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a really simple point

I'd like to use this diary to make a really simple point that every Democrat should know.

It's a point I brought up on my blog regarding the 1992 election...

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Faith and Politics

I am writing this diary in response to a question posed by a reader here about whether there are Obama supporters who disagree with the rhetoric and tone of the clips going around of Rev. Wright.

I support and continue to support Barack Obama, and I do disagree with the rhetoric and the tone expressed in those clips.

I think there's a danger that people will get a false impression of Senator Obama's political views and his private faith life from them.

Let me explain...

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Underestimating Illinois

Thesis: way too many people in D.C. and NYC underestimate Chicago.

It's true, imo.

And that meant people underestimated so many things about Barack's campaign...

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Winning in November

As many of you know I wrote a diary correcting an erroneous assertion that Jerome Armstrong made on the front page here.

My correction was based on directly contacting the source of Jerome's citation, the Center for Responsive Politics, and obtaining from them a "for the record" rebuttal of Jerome's front page claim on this website. Accuracy and facts matter. They are especially important in the context of a contentious primary campaign upon which the nomination for president depends. Jerome updated his story. (As did Jeralyn Merritt at TalkLeft.)

Now, despite receiving recommends from well over 60 readers here, many of whom are names I recognize from the MyDD caucus at Yearlykos Las Vegas, Jerome removed my diary from the recommended list claiming that I had violated MyDD policy by personally attacking him.

I did no such thing, and the record clearly shows that. But that's besides the point, my intention in writing that diary was to correct the public record, not to demean or insult Jerome Armstrong. Period.

But please allow me use this moment to address a broader point...

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Center for Responsive Politics rebuts Jerome's Florida claim

This morning Jerome Armstrong made a bold claim on the front page of MyDD. In a piece entitled Obama Spent $1.3 Million, plus change,  in Florida, Jerome cited this quote:

Hillary Clinton and Obama each spent about $130,000 in Michigan while Obama spent $1.3 million in Florida--more than any other Democratic candidate and more than eight Republican candidates, who were eligible to win delegates from the state.

and made this claim:

That, from the Center for Responsive Politics. I realize that it's still going to be a fight to make the Democratic Party convention a 50-state event, rather than the 48-state event that some want it to be, but this puts to rest the notion that Obama didn't campaign in Florida.

I wrote to Massie Ritsch at the Center for Responsive Politics this morning to ask him for a clarification of the accuracy of Jerome's claim.

Printed below is what, with his permission, he wrote back to me...

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Yes We Can Video for Barack Obama

This video does a great job expressing Obama's appeal to young people.

You can watch it here.

It features:
John Legend
Jesse Dylan
Herbie Hancock
Scarlett Johansson
Kate Walsh
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Adam Rodriquez
Kelly Hu
Adam Rodriquez (sí, se puede)
Amber Valetta
Nick Cannon
Yael Naim (אנחנו יכולי– 1;)

And features a musical setting of Obama's New Hampshire speech.

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