Hello???? What happened to MyDD?

I have not checked in on MyDD for a while.  I didn't like the direction it was going and the fact that it seemed that the old guard was letting this place slide. 

I came back today to see how MyDD was covering the special election in NY 26 and I see nothing.

To those in "power" and those in the know ... please don't let this place die.

Right now ... it feels as if a neutron bomb went off.


The Rightwing Freep Machine is winning...

this poll...

"Do you think the country is headed in the right direction under Obama's leadership or does the president need to narrow his agenda?"

http://www.newsvine.com/_question/2009/0 7/21/3045684-do-you-think-the-country-is -headed-in-the-right-direction-under-oba mas-leadership-or-does-the-president-nee d-to-narrow-his-agenda

Seems the freepers have come out in force for this online poll by MSNBC.  The poll is part of a story the did concerning Obama's falling poll numbers.
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32049471/ns/ politics-white_house/

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I need a little Info help. Please.

I know about the court case in Florida that basically allowed fox news to lie.  The problem I am having is this.  I can not find ANY "news" sources (I am sure they did not want to report it) on this and I can not find a link to the actual court case ruling.

I can only find stuff like the following:
http://www.projectcensored.org/top-stori es/articles/11-the-media-can-legally-lie /

I am trying to pull my brothers head out of his faux news, ditto head fog.

Can you help?


Also... it has been a long time since I have been here.  Work, home stuff and the dreaded "facebook" have taken control of my life.  :)

I am coming back, because FB and twitter are like brainless blogging, they can help in local organizing but they also eat up valuable time for doing good work.

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Rebuilding our schools: the legacy of "no new taxes" hits locally!

I am cross posting this for a fellow blogger, jenyum at DailyKos, who is also a great Tacoma activist.

>>>>>>>>>> >>>

I am deep in the throes of campaigning for a local school bond election.  Every year or two our school district has to undertake this ritual, the legacy of a state constitutional amendment that limited property taxes to 1% of assessed value, unless voters approve a bond levy by a 60%  majority.  "So what?" You say. "Shouldn't the voters have a say?" Well, yes, in theory, but in practice it means that necessary school construction projects are put off until our schools are literally crumbling around the kids.  It also means that in times like these, when construction prices are low and construction jobs are desperately needed, voters balk at the idea of any additional property taxes.  

But all of that is just talk.  It is easy enough to say "fine, but not now" to school construction until you see the reality of what some of our kids are asked to live with every day.

This is a hallway ceiling at Hunt Middle School in Tacoma, Washington.  Large parts of the school feature water damage just as severe.  Maintenance staff dutifully replace ceiling panels and repaint when they can, but the water just seeps right through.

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Hacked! - White House Farmer vote cheating?

Seems that there may be some vote cheating going on by some hacker dudes that either support Claire or just want to get their jollies by messing with things.

Here is a link to my previous diaries:
http://www.mydd.com/story/2009/1/23/1926 1/2857

http://www.mydd.com/story/2009/1/27/2039 56/955

Since this time, the AP has picked this up, along with many other local and national print and radio media.

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White House Farmer and Organic Gardening - UPDATE

A few days ago, I posted a diary about a grassroots push to change part of the White House lawn into an Organic Garden or Farm with Carrie Anne Little being chosen to be the White House Farmer.

Please check the previous diary here:
http://www.mydd.com/story/2009/1/23/1926 1/2857

Since that time there has been a huge out pouring of support and some decent media attention. Not only for Carrie Little, but for the whole concept and for all of the other people that are bringing attention to Organic Farming and Gardening.

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Racist and asses

To all,

This is more of a rant then a diary.

When you see something that is so outragous such as that rodham-clinton diary (god I HATE that person!), then do some of the following.

Report it to the admins by using the "contact us" at the bottom of the page. You can contact Todd, Jonathan, Jerome and Josh by using this tool.

Bash the asshole if you wish. Just know this, if the diary gets just a few recs along with a bunch of comments, this helps to push it on to the rec list.

One of the best ways to avoide one of these crap diaries getting on the reclist, until the admins can remove it besides not commenting and not reccing (obvious) is to REC UP good diaries and comment on and have discussions IN good diaries.

"Won't you help put out racist asshole fires?" - Smokey Kevin

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Update x3 - White House Farmer - Organic Gardening at the White House

How many of you have heard of the Eat The View website?

Well it is a website dedicated growing the awareness and acceptance of Organic Gardening and Farming by asking... well pushing.. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to turn part of the White House lawn into an Organic Garden.

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Wow what a crowd we have!

I am doing this from my iPod so please excuse the short diary.

We have a huge turnout down here at the Swiss in Tacoma WA

This is fantastic! We have a live band, Festivities on the BIG screen, great food, great people and more!

What a day!!!

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Two Days To Remember!

Starting yesterday I really started to feel the emotions.

We watched the 40th anniversary bio-pic of Martin Luther King Jr., from 2008, on the history channel. It really stirred up some emotions in me and helped to set in concrete my beliefs that you NEVER give up, you always keep fighting for what is just and right, and just like with war, violence should ALWAYS be a last last last resort!

So today we celebrate, in so many ways across this country, the life of a hero... yes a hero, a true American hero by the name of Martin Luther King Jr. How fitting that the day to remember MLK Jr. falls on the day before the inauguration of OUR first black president who just happens to come from the same state of Abraham Lincoln. This could not have been planned any better.

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