• Isn't this the candidate that was shoved down local Dems throats by Rahm when we also had progressive potentials?

  • I hope it runs in every battleground state.

  • Come on Navid, neither Obama nor Clinton's health care plans solve the problem (Edwards my original candidate's didn't either).  The problem as I see it are the bloodsucking profiteers of what should be an altruistic system.  How would our schools look if education was managed completely by for profit entities--scary.
      I'm unequivocal in my support of HB 676-Single Payer bill but, obviously, that difference with Obama can't justify voting Repug.  
      Iraq?  Our presence is fueling the insurgency Navid.  The reconstruction of Iraq has to be a collaborative effort lead by the UN.  That is the only way that the Iraqis will trust that it isn't the imperialistic ambitions of our corporations driving us.  Kerry in 2004 was clear about the need for the UN and I think Obama is presenting the same picture.  None of us on this side of the fence want to leave those poor people in chaos.  We actually care about the 500,000 human brothers and sisters who paid for the hubris of our leaders and the cowardice and laziness of our fellow citizens.
      As for campaign finance reform, how do you reconcile McCain opting out of public funding after accepting public funding as collateral for his primary campaign's loan?  
      The more I write this the more I think you are just fucking with me and wasting my time.  
  • LOL.  Does the Ky refer to my bluegrass state?

  • Well if you are a mathematician you are 50x smarter than I am but I just don't see how you can even compare the downstream effects like a NLRB that rolls back 70 years of interpretations of the national labor relations act, or an EPA that allows mountain top removal in my state like they did under Nixon, or a tax system and war that both enriches the few and bankrupts our national treasury and chokes our ability to invest in our communities while giving corporations linked to the Pentagon blank checks.

    Explain to me Navid how the PERSONAL philosophical differences somehow matter when we KNOW that the administrations that come with the parties could not be more different than night and day.  Imagine an EPA led by someone concerned about the environment and not someone concerned with the restrictions our environmental laws place on businesses?  It's called the difference between a republican and democratic administration.  There's a reason why environmental PACs give to Dems.  Of course this is just one of countless examples.  What are your concerns for the future?  What corrections do you think need to be made?

    I write this as a naive Nader voter in 2000.  

  • Navid,
      How naive are you?  Do you think that we are electing an enlightened monarch that will bring about the needed changes in our country and world?
      My dear friend, consider the baggage that necessarily comes along with the party in power.  Does anyone think that moron from Texas actually is calling the shots?  Of course not.  It's the baggage that comes with the party that determines the course of our country.  Look at McCain's recent statements about his choices for the Supreme Court -Roberts, Alito clones?  Our children will be living with the ramifications of those confirmations.
      Don't kid yourself.  There is an enormous gulf between the administration of the Republicans under McCain and that under the Democrats and Obama or Clinton (now Obama).  If you were even considering Clinton before, your newfound choice of McCain makes no rationale sense.
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    Hillarious that you think my post is motivated by support for Obama.  I still have an Edwards sticker on my truck Rumarhazzit.  

    What is this, Hillary supporters have to be lemmings and therefore find stupid, polarizing excuses for clearly misguided and corporate friendly policies?  Anyone who disagrees with eliminating the gas tax is an elitist.

    The thrust of your post pisses me off since my disagreement with Hillary's bullshit, do-nothing proposal somehow makes me an elitist.  Wake up.  Identifying a tax as somehow the problem again, hides the ball from the people she is supposed to be caring about.  The problem is with EXXON MOBILE, SHELL, BP etc.

    As for unity.  I could care less about uniting with reformist corporatists.

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      How stupid do you think people are?  Brilliant idea bub, starve our government (who by the way is still giving prevailing wage contracts to repair the roads -employing tens of thousands at good wages) to save $30.  WTF is the matter with you?  
      The real enemies are those 4 companies that again made record profits you dip shit.  But guess what, those are powerful interests that only a TRUE leader would take on and I don't see anyone stepping forward.  All I know is that your woman is hiding the fucking ball so don't talk about elitists to people who are struggling daily to liberate folk from the corporate clutches.
      And a big F*** You to the author of this diary.  Elitist---go soak up some O'Reilly jack-ass.
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    Hey Walt,
      Get off your high horse or your cushy chair and give this kid a break.  At least he's engaging our political system, even going to so far as attending this rally outside the debate.
      So his response didn't articulate specific policies, but then again, the camera jammed in his face might have been a bit intimidating.  Thank God young people are concerned with the state of our country and the world and again see the political process as a way to address their concerns.
      Shitty ass comments like your's aren't encouraging and fire me up!
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      Your post is great but I don't necessarily see where the progressive netroots are fundamentally leftist (though I wish they were!)  Certainly many comments and some diarists espouse leftist critiques and occasionally left/marxist analysis but in the past three years that I've followed the sites I cannot say they are losing their leftist roots.
      Your diary was excellent and I hope well taken.
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    thank you.  i'll stay tuned.

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    Why doesn't Obama embrace the word "UNION?"  Talking about negotiations and the right to organize is great but say the name of the entity that does that-UNION!  

    Today GM announces that it wants to pull the auto industry back to the pre-sitdown strike era by buying out the last vestiges of the UAW's hard fought benefits.  Please BO, throw a bone to my people and mention our name.  Standing together for decades/generations against corporate greed, discrimination, sexism, facism...we are the UNIONs of this country.  We're attacked and maligned but alive and fighting.  Don't be afraid to reference us!  Add our name to your stump speech for the love of God!

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    Here Here!!!  HB 676


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