Will we have to deal with this nightmare for another six years?

 Barack Obama's Presidency has been an absolute disaster.  He took a party that was so energized from 2006 through 2008 and turned it into an unenergized mess who will probably lose the House again this year because of him. 


Seeing all of these seats that we worked so hard to win in 2006 and 2008 get thrown away by Obama's tone-deaf political team just gets my blood boiling. 

I pray to god that Obama loses in 2012 so we only have two years left of this disaster rather than six.  The Democratic party cannot take another six years of Obama in the White House. 

Its time to start a real "dump Obama" movement. 


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RE: Will we have to deal with this nightmare for another six years?

You mirror my thoughts on Obama.....When Bush stole the election in 2000, my Democratic precinct team in west Houston were determined to do something about his party. This part of Houston was once (about 25 years ago) 98% rightwing conservative. But following the stolen election in 2000 we were energized and through hardwork we had pushed that number steadily downward to 2006 we had about a 50-50 split with the Repub-liars. Then along comes Obama and his flash and pazzazz campaign team. He didn't give the Dems in Texas a dime of all that money he had but anyway we got over 3 million voters in the Democrat primary. In 2000 it was about 1.2 million Democrats. Obama won big and had a huge majority in Congress as we know.

All of a sudden he went Republican-Light on us. He set about screwing the entire progressive wing of the party. The banks got Trillions, the car companies billions, the KOREAN CAR companies with the cash for Clunkers got billions, the Wall Streeters got a Trillion, more banks more billions, the huge bonuses for theft work on Wall Street.

All the time WE GOT NOTHING. Then came the big deal on HCR. WHAT A JOKE---instead of giving everyone a Medicare like plan which everyone know works well--Obama and his team   got us tossed back to the healthcare insurance company until 2014 while he toured Europe, Egypt, started more war in Afghanistan, etc.

This guy is a Chocolate Carter. I hope Howard Dean takes him on in 2012...
We worked our butts off to turn this part of conservative Houston stronghold into a little bit Democrat territory and then now we are going to lose it all because of Obama....had he lost to McCain we still would stand around 50-50 here but with Barack in power were back to 98% Republican....
If Obama really wants to do something he can start interviewing lawyers to defend himself. No one in the press on here talks much about the GOP controlled House in 2011 going after Obama for impeachment. They can hardly wait. They are racist anyway. The way they treated Clinton is tame compared to what he is going to get.  He better get ready to meet Mr. Ken Starr's well financed team. Obama should discuss developing a good legal team with Bill Clinton. Forget any progress--that's over.

  With Obama's continued  no-show support for progressive issues and the Democrats in Congress, he deserves what he gets from the GOP run  legal counsel in the years ahead. Does he really think that the GOP has gone soft just because he wishes it to be so. Nope, the GOP House will hound him right into an impeachment indictment....


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RE: Will we have to deal with this nightmare for another six years?

Oh man are you preaching to the choir.  The progress that I have seen made from 2004 to 2008 in New York state is probably going to be erased as well due to this cynical President.  We'll probably lose the State Senate we worked so hard to win and in a REDISTRICTING year. 

Im tired of these Democratic Presidents that come in and destroy the party after all the hard work we did. 

I hope Howard Dean does run against him in 2012. 

by Kent 2010-09-29 10:19PM | 1 recs
The nightmare:

You mean, of course, the never-ending bitch session on some left-leaning blogs?  What was it Obama said about people "not being serious in the first place?".  It's like - One day I am going to be a doctor....Medical school???....I"ve been had!!!

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