Where is the return on Barack Obama?


This President promised us so many things.  That is the reason why so many Democrats invested time, money, and most importantly and almost certainly, large numbers of Democratic officeholders at both state and district levels who will likely lose because he is on the White House, in him.  The question is, where are the dividends for the Democratic party and most importantly the nation?

The only thing we got and will get was a poorly constructed stimulus bill that was way too small and has done almost nothing to reduce unemployment.  Everything else has died in Congress.

Healthcare reform.  Dead

Climate change legislation.  Dead

Employee Free Choice Act.  Dead

Democratic control of Congress.  Probably dead. 


In 2012 or perhaps even sooner, we need to do what most people do with a bad investment:  Get rid of it.  I am not willing to go through the next decade with more losses of seats just so we can keep this paper tiger and party destroyer in the White House.

Unemployment projections for 2012 project that due to tepid growth and little engine for massive new job creation, the unemployment rate will average at a still horrible 8.2% for that year, not much more than a point lower than it currently is.  This doesnt even into a count a possible double dip recession late this year or in early 2011.

And I dont want to hear any comparisons to FDR who was reelected in 1936 with a higher unemployment rate.  FDR was successful in passing programs like Social Security and public works that linked many voters to the him and the Democratic party.  Obama has done none of this and the party will pay for it for years to come if he is somehow reelected.

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