Democrats should want to castrate Hank Paulsen

 The reason Democrats are about to go extinct as a political party is former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulsen's decision not to put up the pocket change needed to help Barclay's buy Lehman Brothers and allowed this American company, which was the lifeblood of the US financial system to fail.  This in turn allowed Barack Obama, an experienced, naive and downright bumbling Presidential candidate to take the lead in the polls over John McCain. 

Of course, Obama won the election and has been nothing but a disaster.  Unemployment skyrocketed as a result of Paulsen's crashing the US financial system into the ocean and Obama's poor political skills meant that he would not be able to convey to the American public whose fault this was. 

Now the Democratic party will be throwing away all of the gains they made in the past decade and then some as a result of this.

Worst of all, Obama will likely be reelected in 2012 with a strong Republican Congress because of the economic growth explosion likely to take place in 2012. 

Hank Paulsen, I hope you rot in hell you and have to sit on a red hot coal you son of a bitch.

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