Draft Russ Feingold for 2012

Now that it looks like Russ Feingold will indeed lose reelection this year, he should strongly consider challenging Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination in 2012.



Many of you will say, if he couldnt win reelection to his own state, how could he beat Obama?

The answer is that he will have lost in what was the worst year for Democrats since 1894.  In any other year he would have won and won handily.

Feingold is a real Democrat who has principles and sticks to them, unlike Barack Obama, who stands for little besides getting elected.

The two Democrats I would support for a primary challenge in 2012 are Feingold and Howard Dean.  Maybe Dean would do it,  but I think Feingold is a better choice.



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I will support this movement

The day after Hillary Clinton changes her name to Russ Feingold

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