Bob Menendez should be fired as DSCC chair

Bob Menendez has been the worst DSCC chair I have ever seen.  Worse than Bob Graham, who presided over Democrats' eight seat Senate seat and control of the Senate loss in 1994.  Worse than Patty Murray, who let Republicans pick up two seats and take back the Senate in 2002 when Bush was President. 

His spending nearly a million dollars for Arlen Specter in Tuesday's Democratic primary should be the straw that brakes the camel's back. 

And that isnt even the worst of it.  He idiotically pulled Democrats Charlie Melancon and Brad Ellsworth out of very Republican House districts for Senate races that neither has a prayer of winning in this environment.  We need every House seat possible and for this idiot to come in and pry away some of our most valuable House seats is just maddening.

Probably the worst of all is him allowing Martha Coakley to lose a special election to Scott Brown for Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat in the most liberal state in the country.

After this election, we need a DSCC chair that knows a little something about politics. 

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Didn't realize Bob Menendez had mind control powers. Pretty cool.

by DTOzone 2010-05-22 01:03AM | 1 recs
Ohio too

In Ohio Menendez backed Fisher v. Jennifer Brunner in the Dem. Senate primary.  He made sure that Brunner did not get necessary funding, although Brunner was the gutsy, more attractive candidate, not to mention that she might have been  Ohio's first female Senator.

 As a result we'll have Fisher v. Rob Portman in the Nov. general election.   Fisher will not attract voters in southern Ohio, while Portman, despite having to wear the Bush label, has the money, youthful good looks and charisma to retain the Senate seat for Republicans. 

by susie 2010-05-22 01:58AM | 0 recs

I do not agree that Ellsworth has no prayer of success.  Even in Indiana, the county sheriff has a chance to knock off the bank lobbyist.  I won't bore everyone with a list of the things you swore would never, ever happen that ended up happening, but let's just say your prediction isn't exactly the nail in Ellsworth's coffin.

As for Massachusetts, you seem to have mistaken the head of the DSCC for a campaign manager.

by Steve M 2010-05-22 05:47PM | 1 recs


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