The State of Our Union

Once again, tonight President Bush used those words inevitably linked to Presidents on this night: "the state of our union is confident and strong".

Sure, we're confident if we're oil companies. Oil companies are bathing in money these days. Record profits are being made at the expense of consumers at the pump.

We're confident if we're the richest 1%. The biggest worry of the richest 1% would be having to pay their fare share of taxes, and even then we're talking about pocket change.

We're feeling strong if we're Republican lobbyists. The K Street Project is going well so far, allowing unfettered access to a Republican Congress that has become as Governor Schweitzer calls them "a wholly owned subsidiary of corporate America."

We're feeling confident and strong if we're defense contractors, knowing that Bush's war is going to continue mindlessly and endlessly, continuing to line our pockets with money at the cost of a lot of human misery.

President Bush is wrong. The state of our union is not confident and strong. The state of our union is bullshit.

It's bullshit that too many people go without health insurance daily.

It's bullshit that the divide between the haves and the have nots is growing.

It's bullshit that the Constitution is disregarded daily by the people who are sworn to uphold it.

It's bullshit that the GOP has abused its power in Congress, that Bob Ney, Tom DeLay, Duke Cunningham and others have been allowed to commit the egregious acts that they are accused of.

It's bullshit that faith and religion are perverted daily by the politicians of the Christian right, at the expense of truth and justice.

It's bullshit that those who exercise their freedom of speech in opposition to Bush's policies are labeled traitors and unpatriotic.

There is so much bullshit piling up from the Bush Administration that we're going to need as many dump trucks as cleared out the site of the Twin Towers just to clean up Washington, D.C. when he leaves office.

Time to get to work cleaning up America, restoring the promise of our democracy and cutting through the bullshit.

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Re: The State of Our Union

Wish I could have caught the speech. I like the guy. I am so caught in between two worlds. I think he is personally a very nice person.

Then, he's also probably the worst president in the entire history of the united states.  I really get the feeling that Bush is a likeable spokesman for a group of men so evil its almost beyond belief.

When its the president of your country speaking, you don't boo him. You listen. But alas, I could not tonight. I had to work. sigh.

Alito is on his way to the supreme court, I really wonder if he will do a good job. I hope he will go there with the humility that his nomination divided a nation and was the only nomination in living memory that so deeply divided the committee  recommending it (90 years).  I think whatever Bush said or did, in the State of the Union, ultimately the real action today was Alito heading to the SC.

I am so emotionally torn right now. Alito going to the SC was something I opposed, but personally I think the guy was qualified (I opposed specific positions he held, and I opposed his nomination).

And so likewise with Bush. He is as best as I can tell an honest fellow, a decent fellow - and he is just surrounded by the worst people ever - Karl Rove for example. I just wish that Bush would do what Abe Lincoln did with his cabinet, we would get alot done. America is naturally slightly conservative, a republican in the white house is not such a bad thing as it is , so many really, really far right things going on right now - I just wish we could all take it easy and let the government be just a government and not this big, massive, incompetent -" Big Brother" like thing.

Oh well. I am really tired. Good night.

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Re: The State of Our Union

Hey check this out..

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