Governor Richardson Comes to Washington

Fresh off of his appearance at Yearly Kos, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is coming to Washington (that's Washington state, not the other Washington) this weekend. As part of his visit, I've worked with the Governor's staff to arrange an exclusive meeting with Governor Richardson for many of our local progressive bloggers.

It is a credit to Bill Richardson that he is willing to sit down with bloggers and have a  dialogue with us about the issues facing our state and our nation. Governor Richardson clearly gets it, and we are excited to welcome him to Washington this weekend.

For the purpose of  full disclosure, I must admit that I am the founder of the Washington for Richardson blog. Another fellow Washingtonian, Emmett O'Connell is co-founder of America for Richardson.

Not only will I be blogging the meeting, but am planning to record it and put the MP3 up on my blog. I will follow up this diary with a re-cap of our meeting with Governor Richardson, and share with you his thoughts and the thoughts of my fellow progressive bloggers in Washington.

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