Krugman rips Lieberman

We're not the only ones who have real problems with Senator Lieberman, now Paul Krugman is joining the chorus of critics.  Krugman looks at a trend in the Social Security debate that has not gotten enough attention.  Incresingly, voters are beginning to  understand  the details of Bush's goals and that privatization represents an attack on the middle class.  Yet while  the Republicans are losing support for their position, their overall support remains as strong as before.

Personally that really disturbs me.  The SS debate is a real and unique opportunity to articulate a vision of American society.  If the Democrats are willing to explain their critique of the Bush philosophy in those terms, they could turn the debate into Stalingrad for the GOP.

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A Meet Up in Philadelphia?

I am posting a diary that is essentially the same as one that I posted at the  But I'd like to see if people here are interested too.

Would it make sense to have a Meetup of readers in the Philadelphia area to build some solidarity and momentum for the future? Many of us worked for K/E, MoveOn, ACT or other groups. It would be useful to exchange ideas so that we can improve our work in those organizations in the future. More specifically, we could develop ideas for our precinct leaders or supervisors so that the organizations can better coordinate their efforts in the future. Some other questions that might be useful to explore in a group could be:

 Now that we have contacted voters, how do we stay in contact with them?

What didn't we do this time?

What do we have to do next time?

 How do we get our ideas out? For example, how do we start challenging the fiction of a mandate?

How can we begin now to work on the 2006 elections? Here in PA, we have a Democratic governor up for reelection as well as Rick Santorum.

 If anyone else thinks this is a good idea, leave a comment for me.

One other point on the meetup: i'd like to consider the pro's and con's of a media rapid response team. I know that Media Matters and Rapid Response do good work, but I think a group like the this, with resources like the Kosopedia, could be even more effective. Think of our work on Sinclair.


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