• As a golden retriever owner, I have to disagree. That poodle has only three legs and was rescued from a puppy mill--a favorite cause of Obama's.

    And there are no caribou in Ohio or Pennsylvania to win voters over from, bloody or not.

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    The part of Santa Fe county that's in NM-1 is in the East Mountains, not the city of Santa Fe. Madrid won't pick up many votes there.

  • I thought Google didn't work on Kos diaries?

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    Normally Wilson wins the absentee vote, but this year 69% of absentee ballots are being sent to Dems, including the ones at my house.

    Also, if this list were in alpha-order it would be easier to digest.

  • Madrid in NM (01) is a D, not an R. Although she Rocks!

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    I'll pass it along to others here in the UK who are meeting tonight to discuss the 2006 elections and what we can do to help. Here's my email to Mr. Jackson:

    I'm wondering about a recent story you wrote in which Dem officials were quoted indicating there were no candidates opposing Bob Casey for the Senate nomination. Is Chuck Pennacchio not running, despite his presence on the internet?

    I'm a member of DAUK here in London, and we are interested in supporting Democratic candidates even at this early date. The answer to this question is vital to our efforts here to inform our voters--in fact, we're meeting this evening to discuss 2006 US elections. If mainstream journalists such as you are misleading readers, we'd like to set the record straight.


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